2018 Target Compound Team Selection


To choose a Compound team to represent Canada at all Outdoor Target WA events for the 2018 season.


The team will be selected based on the combined 2017 Senior and Junior Squad score average rankings as of November 30, 2017.

The team will be made up of the top 6 ranked archers in both Men’s and Women’s combined Junior and Senior compound divisions

It is the archer’s sole responsibility to keep the scores updated, archers will have until Dec 15 to challenge any of the selected archer’s placings on the 2017 rankings list.

The selected archers will represent Canada at WA World Cup events with the top 4 having first choice of attending. If one of the top 4 archers chooses not to attend, that position will go to the next archer until the 6th position is exhausted, no other archers will be considered

The selected archers will be expected to sign the athlete’s agreement for 2018.

Archers will also be expected to produce a training schedule with a listing of tournaments they plan on attending.


Selected archers will be expected to participate in the Archery Canada Indoor and Outdoor Target Championships as well as continue to be ranked for the 2018 season with that process started no later than May 30th.  

Archers will be expected to achieve scores that they shot in the 2017 rankings list.


Archers having not started the ranking process by May 30th may be removed

Athletes can remove themselves by emailing the Target/Field Coordinator. 

Archers may also be removed from the 2018 Compound Team if they have not met the above performance guidelines without just cause and/or failure to sign the 2018 Athlete Agreement.