Addendum: Recurve Team Selection 2017 World Championships

Mexico City, Mexico: October 15 – 22, 2017 


1.  Introduction

This document is an Addendum to Archery Canada’s Recurve Team Selection Policy.

The purpose of this Addendum is to define the specific process and criteria used by Archery Canada to select the athletes for nomination to Archery Canada’s Selection Approval Panel for the 2017 World Championships.

2.  Team size

The maximum number of archers that Canada can enter in the 2017 World Championship is:

  • 3 recurve men           
  • 3 recurve women
3.  Eligibility CRITERIA FOR THE 2017 World Championships

To be eligible for nomination to the Selection Approval Panel, athletes must meet the eligibility criteria in the Recurve Canadian Team Selection Policy, as well as the World Championship specific criteria below, by midnight, August 16, 2017.

4.       Team Selection PROCEDURES

A) General

Team selection will be made pursuant to Archery Canada’s Recurve National Team Selection Policy, as appropriate, and this Addendum.  The National Team Selection Policy can be found at the following link:

B) Event Specific Criteria

The following specific criteria will be used for the selection of the 2017 World Championship teams.

            4.B.1    Defined Competition Score

Eligible athletes will automatically be nominated to the selection approval panel for achieving minimum performance scores at the following six defined competitions:

  1. 2017 World Cup, Shanghai, China
  2. 2017 World Cup, Salt Lake City, USA
  3. 2017 World Cup, Berlin, Germany
  4. 2017 Gator Cup, USA
  5. 2017 US Nationals, USA
  6. 2017 Canadian Championships, Montreal

The following minimum performance scores must be achieved twice at any two of the defined competitions identified in 4.B.1.

(i)         Shoot 2 720 scores equal to or greater than:  



Recurve 70m 720


674 twice


661 twice



(ii)        Or, and only for any of the World Cup competitions, shoot a 720 score equal to or greater than 97.5%  of the 720 round score shot by the top qualifier in said event. Archery Canada will round any calculation to the nearest full point.

If more than 3 athletes shoot the minimum benchmark for the defined competition score, they will be ranked and selected based on the single highest 720 score shot in any of the six defined competitions.

If less than 3 athletes shoot the minimum benchmark for the defined competition score, and there are places remaining on the team, the following criteria from the Recurve Team Selection Policy will be used to nominate additional athletes to the Selection Approval Panel.

4.1.3    Team Dynamics

4.1.4    Future Potential

4.1.2    Past performance

In addition to the criteria for past performance in the Selection Policy, athletes must have shot two scores equal to or above the scores in the table below shot between January 1, 2017 and August 13, 2017.   These scores must be published on the internet by the tournament organizers. The following tournaments are eligible to shoot qualifying scores;

  • Any tournament Registered with Archery Canada
  • Any tournament Registered with World Archery
  • Any tournament Registered with World Archery member association



Recurve 70m 720





(Note - Team size Is in paragraph 2 at the beginning.)

Dates:   Selection for this event will be made on or before August 31, 2017, and after ratification by the Selection Approval Panel.

Other:  The funding level for this event has not yet been finalized.  In addition to paying incidental costs, athletes should anticipate a levy.



If an archer is named to the 2017 World Championship team, but cannot attend the Championship and withdraws from the team for any reason before October 13th, 2017, a designated alternate may be substituted provided they have met the qualifying scores in
 4. Team Selection Procedures, section B) Criteria (i) Past Performance.