Olympic Games, Buenos Aires, Argentina: October 6 – 18, 2017  V1


The Internal Nomination Procedure (INP) for the 2018 Youth Olympics is defined by this event specific addendum to Archery Canada’s Recurve Team Selection Policy.

The purpose of this addendum is to outline any additional eligibility requirements and event specific criteria for selection to the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The maximum number of archers that Canada could qualify for the 2018 Youth Olympics is:

  • 1 recurve man           
  • 1 recurve women

 The World Archery (WA) criteria can be found at:

In the event of a discrepancy, the original WA version will prevail. In the event of changes by WA to the selection and eligibility criteria, Archery Canada is bound by these changes and will review and amend this internal nomination procedure to comply with the new regulations or conditions.  Amendments to this documente will be communicated directly to the affected athletes and officials and posted on the Archery Canada website.  


To be eligible for nomination to the Selection Approval Panel, athletes must meet the eligibility criteria in the Recurve Canadian Team Selection Policyin addition to the following 6 (six) additional eligibility criteria, by midnight August 14, 2018

  1. Be a Canadian citizen as per Rule 41 of the Olympic Charter and have a valid Canadian passport that does not expire on or before April 18, 2019.
  2.  Be in compliance with all relevant World Archery and IOC requirements for eligibility.
  3.  Sign, submit and comply with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) Athlete Agreement and Buenos Aires 2018 Conditions of Participation Form no later than August 28, 2018.
  4.  Be a member in good standing of Archery Canada.
  5.  Have been born between January 1, 2001 and December 31, 2003.
  6. Have been selected to compete in the applicable Continental Qualifying Tournament (CQT) for the 2018 Youth Olympics.


A) General

Team selection will be made pursuant to Archery Canada’s Recurve National Team Selection Policy, as appropriate, and this Addendum.  The National Team Selection Policy can be found at this following link: 

Archery Canada will utilize its Selection Approval Panel process to confirm the nominations made by the National Coach.

B) Automatic Selection Process

The highest finishing Canadian athlete at the CQT for the 2018 Youth Olympics. will be automatically nominated to the SAP for selection.

  • The second highest finishing Canadian athlete at the CQT will be named as the first alternate.
  • The third highest finishing Canadian athlete at the CQT will be named as the second alternate.
  • If less than 3 athletes per gender are selected to compete at the CQT, the 1st and / or 2nd alternate for the CQT will replace the above named alternates.

The date, or location, for the Continental Qualifying Tournament for the 2018 Youth Olympics.event was not yet confirmed by WA as of the publishing date of the INP.


If an athlete is named to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games team, but cannot attend the Games and withdraws from the Youth Olympic Games team for any reason before August 28th, 2018:

  1. The designated first alternate will be substituted and nominated to the COC to replace that athlete provided they have met any minimum performance standards.
  2. The second alternate will become the first alternate. 

If an athlete is named to the Youth Olympic Games team, but has to withdraw due to injury, illness or exceptional circumstances after August 30th, 2018 but before October 6th, 2018 (to be confirmed):

  1. They may be substituted by the first, or if necessary by the second alternate after consultation with World Archery, the Olympic Games organizing committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
  2. The IOC may consult with any experts required (i.e. medical), and has the final say about whether or not a substitution may be permitted.  Any such replacements are subject to the Youth Olympics 2018 Late Athlete Replacement Policy.   


Other sections recommended to add:

  1. Appeals:  Archery Canada’s Appeals Policy will guide any appeals related to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games selections. The policy can be found here: Archery Canada Appeals Policy. If both parties are in agreement, the Archery Canada Appeals Policy can be bypassed and the matter can be brought immediately before the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) who will then manage the appeals process.
  2. Decision Making Authority:  The decision-making authority for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, includes the National Recurve Coach and the Selection Approval Panel as laid out in Archery Canada’s Selection Policy and this addendum. Oversight for the implementation of the INP resides with the High Performance Advisor.
  3. Team Nomination and Announcement Dates:  The 2018 Youth Olympic Games team will be selected and nominated to the COC no later than August 1st, 2018. Changes or updates to currently published dates, are subject to the announcement of the dates for the Continental Qualifying Tournament  
  4. Staffing:  The National Recurve Coach will lead Canada’s Team at the Games.