Championship Rotation Policy

Championship Rotation Schedule

updated 2017/8/30

Archery Canada Policy for Championship Rotation Schedule Policy Revisied August 2017

Proposed Revision to the existing Championship Rotation Policy

1. That from 2011 onward, any PSO requesting a revision to the rotation policy will not be able to swap dates without exhaustive negotiations with the Executive and the Board of Diretors to ensure no disruption of the policy.

2. The PSO requesting the delay must do so no later than 2 years in advance of their turn in the rotation. After that date,the PSO is required to host the Archery Canada Outdoor national championships in the stated rotation.

3. The PSO requesting the delay will find a PSO willing to host the championships in the year in question.

4. There will be no change to the order.

5. No PSO may request a delay in hosting the championships more than 1 time in 10 years.

6. The AC Board of Directors will review the Rotation Policy periodically.

7. The rotation is an 8-year cycle as follows: Ontario, Manitoba Quebec, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Alberta