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2018 Archery Canada MICA Tournament

October 05, 2017
2018 Archery Canada MICA Tournament

The 2018 Multi-Sites Indoor Championships of the Americas (MICA) will be held from January 1st through April 30th 2018.

NEW FOR 2018:

MICA tournaments must now be registered  through Archery Canada. Please consult the Host Site Coordinator Page for specific instructions related to MICA tournament registration.

Deadlines for registering a MICA tournament now conform to the Archery Canada prescribed registration deadlines, i.e. requests to register must be received by the Archery Canada national office no later than ten (10) days prior to the tournament date.

The Archery Canada website contains downloadable forms and scorecards created for the event. The Host Site Coordinator Page contains links to enable you to download the MICA-specific score cards and reporting sheets. To familiarize yourself with the MICA tournament rules, visit the Archery Canada MICA page.

If you have any questions, please contact the, Canadian MICA Coordinator, Lynne Durward at: