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28 crowned at 2018 Canadian Indoor 3D Championships

May 03, 2018
28 crowned at 2018 Canadian Indoor 3D Championships

OTTAWA (Archery Canada) – No less than 28 national titlists were crowned last weekend at the 2018 Canadian Indoor 3D Archery Championships hosted by the Elk Ridge Archery Club in Sundre, Alberta (April 29-30).

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Championship Website: Sundre 2018

It marked the 14th edition of the annual event, which was added to the Archery Canada schedule in 2005.

“The event offered three unique courses that each had their own unique feel and challenges that really tested all the archer’s skills,” said Aaron Bull, Vice President 3D Programs at Archery Canada. “The competition was hard fought in many of the categories with the nation’s top athletes in attendance fighting for a spot on the podium.”    

“In hosting the Canadian Indoor 3D Archery Championships this past weekend, our community got the chance to be part of shared optimism, excitement and spirit, and to celebrate the remarkable talent of elite national archery competition,” added Sundre Mayor Terry Leslie. “The Elk Ridge Archery Club, our local volunteers, businesses, town staff and spectators came together with the purpose of helping to give every competitor the chance to create great memories and build relationships. We all got to touch the future as we watched the younger competitors begin to dream their goals for the next generation. This was a once in a lifetime experience for all involved, and we are a grateful community for having the opportunity to be part of it.”

Of the 28 archers who reached the top of the podium in Sundre, nine successfully defended their national titles from 2017, including Roseanne Quintal (Master 50 Traditional – women), Caroline Laue (Instinctive – women), Angela Hay (Hunter – women), Al Campsall (Master 60 Compound – men), Ron Sullivan (Para Compound – men), Joel Schmid (Cub Compound – men), Gary Bosch (Barebow – men), Monty Vander Westhuizen (Longbow – men) and Fred Streleoff (Instinctive – men).

In addition, Heather Leduc claimed barebow gold in women’s competition after triumphing in longbow a year ago, while on the men’s side, Zak Filgas added the junior compound title to his win in the cadet age group in 2017.

Below is a complete list of 2018 indoor 3D national champions.   

2018 national champions (women)

Master 50 Traditional: Roseanne Quintal – Alberta Target Archers Association (465 points)

Master 60 Compound: Valery Gaspard – British Columbia (726)

Master 50 Compound: Pat Wuin – Club TBD (728)

Compound Unlimited: Kira Mercereau – Calgary Archers Club (811)

Compound Fixed Pin: Lacey Moore – Langenburg Archery Club (638)

Junior Compound: Jess Watson – Ontario Association of Archers (740)

Cadet Compound: Stephanie Drewes – Yellowhead Arrow Launchers (773)

Cub Compound: Brooklyn Berge – Alberta Target Archers Association (720)

Pre-Cub Compound: Arianna Anderson – Central Alberta Archers Association (449)

Barebow: Heather Leduc – Thunder Creek Archery Club (581)

Longbow: Hailey Johnstone – CJ Archery (322)

Instinctive: Caroline Laue – Alberta Target Archers Association (518)

Hunter: Angela Hay – Burnaby Archers (728)

2018 national champions (men)

Master 50 Traditional: Ron Quintal – Alberta Target Archers Association (620 points)

Master 60 Compound: Al Campsall – Cariboo Archers Association (813)

Master 50 Compound: Rick Martin – Alberta Target Archers Association (822)

Compound Unlimited: Nolan Johnson – Broken Arrow Archery Club (851)

Compound Fixed Pin: Kris Skelly – Brazeau Bowbenders Archery Club (833)

Para Compound: Ron Sullivan – Elk Ridge Archery Club (766)

Junior Compound: Zak Filgas – Jimbows Junior Archery Club (799)

Cadet Compound: Adam Berge – Alberta Target Archers Association (807)

Cub Compound: Joel Schmid – Alberta Target Archers Association (813)

Pre-Cub Compound: Ryan Simons – Frontier Bowmen (618)

Barebow: Gary Bosch – Lloydminster & Area Archers (653)

Longbow: Monty Vander Westhuizen – Medicine Hat SAAMIS Archers (532)

Instinctive: Fred Streleoff – Cariboo Archers Association (645)

Hunter: Frank Aubin – Cowichan Bowmen (722)

2018 national champions (women & men combined)

Pee Wee: Chase Belcher – Central Alberta Archers Association (579)

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