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3D Archery General Information

Archery Canada supports the pursuit of world class 3D archery through selection of teams who will represent Canada at international events. Most of Archery Canada’s resources for 3D Archery are focused on the domestic program with the Indoor 3D Archery Canadian Championships and the Outdoor 3D Archery Canadian Championships. Archery Canada has a 3D Archery Committee who work together to build the domestic programme, set the rules for competition in Canada, build the strategy for the domestic development of the sport and prepare the criteria for team selection to represent Canada.  

3D World Championships

The 3D World Championships are held every second year (odd numbered).  They have generally been held in early fall. In 2019, the Championships were awarded to be hosted Canada in Lac la Biche, AB – the first time in North America, There are four categories offered and each country is allowed to send three female and three male contestants in each – a total of 24 athletes.  The categories are Longbow, Barebow, Instinctive and Compound. This is the primary targeted event in Canada’s high performance programme for 3D Archery.

Canadian archers have finished very well in 3D Worlds.  Some notable performances include:

  • Jude Hooey (Compound) AB – 7th in 2007
  • Fred Streleoff (Instinctive) BC – 5th in 2013
  • Samantha Wright (Compound) BC – 3rd in 2009
  • Tim Watts (Compound) ON – 2nd in 2011
  • Peter Garrett (Instinctive) ON – 1st in 2011
Archery Canada funding for 3D Archery

Archery Canada supports the sport of 3D archery in several ways:

Domestic Programme: Working with a host Organizing Committee, Archery Canada supports the provision of national judges and technical officials to officiate and oversee the hosting of the Indoor and Outdoor 3D Archery Canadian Championships.

3D Committee: Archery Canada annually supports the travel and accommodation for the Provincial/Territorial committee Representative who sits on the national 3D committee.

Non-Olympic Program Funding: These funds are derived from the collection of $3/Archery Canada registrant fee. The distribution of the funds will be set out at the beginning of every two year cycle, based upon the guidelines below and the specific eligible events occurring in those fiscal years (e.g. cycle: April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2020).

Guidelines for Non-Olympic Program Funding

Selection Process for 3D World Championships

Archery Canada identifies teams and individual athletes who will represent Canada at international events. To find out the processes by which athletes are eligible and nominated for different competitions and activities visit our Selection Process page for 3D Archery.

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