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A new direction for Compound Target archery in Canada

April 01, 2021
A new direction for Compound Target archery in Canada

Canada has experienced excellence in archery programs at an international level, however this has been accomplished in the past with limited national funding and without a defined plan for its target compound team. In 2018, Archery Canada began to implement a cohesive athlete development pathway for Recurve and Para teams, meant to guide up and coming athletes from development to high performance (HP) and National Teams. With a clear focus towards achieving podium results at the Pan American Games, a similar approach is planned for the Compound target teams over the next 2 years and beyond.

Canada will invest in developing Compound archers through a decentralized program, promoting a high performance team culture to help lead to consistent podium performances on the World Stage. In 2019 a survey of the community helped to provide some clarity around areas of focus for the program. As the program strategy is developed and funding becomes allocated, the program will see increased competition support, coach development, technical and mental performance development for athletes and contracted program leadership. It will take several years to reach the desired funding level of the program initiative, however the current funding will be doubled for the next two years through a combination of reallocation of funding priorities, fundraising and support from the Canadian Archery Foundation.

Archery Canada will hire a part time Compound Target Program Coordinator who will work with the Program Manager with planning and implementation of the program in 2021 under the guidance of the High Performance Director. The HPD provides leadership for Archery Canada’s high-performance recurve and compound Target and Paralympic Archery programs, aligning with Archery Canada’s strategic plan, working with a team of technical staff, contractors and volunteers who form the High Performance Committee.

Key Goals and Deliverable:

  • To increase capacity to support development of program and its policies and processes
  • To identify a core group of Next Gen and Senior Team Athletes – begin training protocols, monitoring and testing etc.
  • Build programming links with the PTSOs to maximize effective athlete and coach development
  • To develop and recruit HP Compound Coaches

For the past 5 years, Sean McKenty has occupied the volunteer role of non-Olympic program coordinator, a role that has grown from its original mandate. Archery Canada has greatly appreciated the dedication of Sean in this role and the work he has done to manage the selection process and related communications to the program participants. With the introduction of the new Compound Target Program Coordinator contractor, a new volunteer position will be created and filled to focus specifically on the Field and Barebow Target national teams and to manage national team needs for Master category selection where necessary.