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Archery Canada announces national team sponsorship with Verona Real Estate Group

October 09, 2019
Archery Canada announces national team sponsorship with Verona Real Estate Group

OTTAWA (Archery Canada) – Archery Canada is pleased to announce Verona Real Estate Group as a new sponsor of its national teams.

Together with other national team sponsors, the two-year agreement will see improved support provided to Canada’s top archers in all disciplines of target, 3D and field archery. In particular, the partnership will remove the burden of certain costs that have in the past been borne by Canadian athletes when representing their country at international competitions.

Further details on how the new support will impact national teams will be announced later this year.

“Archery Canada has enjoyed a long history of sending teams to international events all over the world dating back to the early 1960s,” says Al Wills, President of Archery Canada. “Unfortunately, some elements of the financial burden have always had to be borne by the athletes. Having Verona Real Estate Group step up to sponsor our teams is very exciting news. I would like to congratulate and thank them for their support of Archery Canada and our athletes. This is a most welcome addition to our growth in the area of team support.”

Verona Real Estate Group is a Toronto-based real estate acquisition, management and development company whose principals have a demonstrated track record of locating and executing on successful investment transactions. These winning transactions are focused on Verona’s real estate targets in the Mixed-Use Residential, Commercial and Leisure properties.

By reputation, Verona is an internationally respected company that hits well above its weight in delivering successful and profitable projects, both to the communities in which they are active and to their international suite of investors.

Verona’s guiding purpose, with every project and property ownership, is to create what will become an accretive addition to the local community, both benefiting the local eco-culture and standing the test of time.

“On behalf of Verona Real Estate Group, we are excited to sponsor the Archery Canada program,” says Peter Traynor, Vice President, Verona Real Estate Group Inc. “We are engaging in this support in a meaningful way in order to assist the organization in its central goal of promoting leadership, unity and solidarity within the sport, both nationally and through international outreach and cooperation. From its admirable work on the Paralympics and Olympics, Pan American and Commonwealth Games, we are impressed, inspired and proud to be associated with this elite organization.

“We feel that by aligning ourselves and our corporate message with an organization such as Archery Canada, we are very much ‘on target’ with Verona’s central mission to deliver optimal Residential, Commercial and Leisure solutions to Canadian and international communities. We look forward to developing and deepening this partnership with our colleagues at Archery Canada both in the near term, and going forward.”