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Archery Canada is seeking a Canbow Redevelopment Project Leader

May 06, 2019
Archery Canada is seeking a Canbow Redevelopment Project Leader

Archery Canada is seeking to contract a project manager who will form and lead a small working group of program experts to refresh, develop and relaunch the Canbow program to ensure its relevance in the development of young archers across Canada.  

Project Overview

The Canbow program (the “Program”) was first published in 1994 for indoor and outdoor target archery. In 2001 it was updated to introduce a program for 3D archery, a growing discipline in Canada. The Program was developed to provide archers with the necessary skills to progress in the sport, and to be the entry pathway for young archers as they develop skills and techniques of shooting a bow. There has been a decline in the purchase of the Program resources in recent years and the program materials may be outdated. Some clubs have taken it upon themselves to alter the program in either its content or its rewards. In order for the program to fulfill its purpose it will need to be reviewed, refreshed and modernized for the youth of today. The review and redevelopment of the Program will ensure it is current, aligns to the long term athlete development model, and fulfills its purpose as an entry pathway for archers of all ages.