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ASA Archery in Canada

Archery Canada is the sole representative of ASA Archery LLC in Canada. Canadian clubs, registered with their Provincial Association, have the option to register ASA shoots through as outlined below. Also, archers registered with Archery Canada through their provincial or territorial associations have an open invitation to compete at any of the five ASA Pro/Am events, as well as the ASA Classic for a one-time $15.00 administrative fee (plus the appropriate entry fee for their class). ASA members will have similar access to Canadian ASA qualifiers and championships as they are developed and promoted.

ASA 3-D archery features competitive rounds of lifelike, three-dimensional animal targets made of foam. The scoring rings are not always visible from the shooting stake and binoculars are allowed. Advanced archers must determine the distance to the target, pick a good aiming point, and execute the shot. The ASA was the first archery organization to implement a speed limit (280 feet per second) for safety and to establish a level playing field for 3-D competition. Beginning in 2007, the ASA was the first national organization to incorporate Known Distance 3-D which provides competitors with another option, as well as providing a more accessible starting point for new competitors.

ASA Scoring: The ASA uses a scoring system of 12, 10, 8, 5 or 0 points per arrow. Scoring is based on zero points for a miss, five points are earned for a hit anywhere in the body, eight points for the largest outer scoring ring on the animal, ten points for the five-inch circle inside the 8-ring, and twelve points for the smaller rings which are offset to the bottom and top of the 10-ring.

If you are a target archer, bowhunter or just interested in getting started in archery, your local ASA Club will provide you the opportunity to meet and share experiences with new friends, learn about the latest equipment, improve your archery skills, and spend time with great people.

The ASA rules must be followed, using the Canadian version, and ASA Shoots must be registered with Archery Canada through the form below.

There is a $10 fee for registering a shoot. Try-it style shoots, that introduce shooters to the ASA rule set must likewise be registered. The exception to this will be for clubs that have signed up for the Indoor ASA Mailmatch.

A registered ASA Shoot will be communicated to the ASA Shooters Federation to be listed on their tournament listing.

ASA Tournament Registration

  • If a sponsor name has been included in the above name, you certify that the club has authorization for the use of the company name.
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Will your club be using a pre-registration. Note, all participants must be registered members of a Provincial / Territorial Archery Association or ASA Shooters Federation.
  • Price: $ 10.00 CAD

ASA Rules in Canada and other resources

Archery Canada has prepared a slightly modified ruleset for ASA tournaments in Canada.

  • Archery Canada ASA Rules
  • ASA Equipment Restrictions – Open
  • ASA Classes for Canada

For the complete information for ASA rules, please refer to the ASA Shooters Federation website:  

Register your club as an ASA

Any registered club can seek to be recognized as an ASA Club for no additional fee. Official registration as an ASA club ensures that the club is identified to ASA Archery LLC as an authorized host of ASA shoots. All such clubs will have a certified Range Safety Officer and ensure that safety on ASA courses is maintained in alignment with Archery Canada policy and the ASA Archery rules.

ASA Club

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