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Austin Taylor wins third place at 2022 Lancaster Classic

February 03, 2022
Austin Taylor wins third place at 2022 Lancaster Classic

MANHEIM, USA – Austin Taylor, a compound archer out of Manitoba, took third place at the 2022 Lancaster Classic over the past weekend.

In the qualification round, each archer shoots 60 arrows where you can score up to 660 (the X-ring counts as 11 points at the Classic). The finals are formatted in a knock-out style, where the 8th and 7th-qualified individuals shoot against each other. The winner of that match then goes on to face the 6th-placed shooter, and so forth all the way up to the 1st place qualifier.

Taylor entered the finals as the second place qualifier, facing up against 5th-place qualifier Benjamin Schaffhauser, who had already run three consecutive matches. They tied the first round at 33 (each arrow scored a perfect 11), Taylor pulled ahead with another perfect score in the second round (33-32), and then Schaffhauser tied up the match in the third round (97-97). They both ended the round with a score of 130 which forced a shoot-off. On the final arrow, again both archers shot 11 but Schaffhauser’s shot was just that much closer to the middle and he took the match. Schaffhauser went on to finish in first place while Austin finished third. Lancaster Archery Classic is one of the premier events of the indoor season and this was a fantastic result for Austin.

Congratulations Austin!