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Barebow Target Archery General Information

Archery Canada’s Barebow Target Program is currently a development program, with the bow type becoming more and more popular. The aim of this High Performance Program is to identify and support the development of our Barebow Target athletes. We do this by making sure that the best possible resources and support personnel are in place to help develop archers who are making progress towards achieving excellence at the international level.

Field and Barebow Target Coordinator: Sean McKenty,

Barebow was included on the programme of the first World Archery Field Championships in 1969 and has been featured on the programme of the World Games since 1985. Just recently, in 2020, the style has also been recognized for target archery at World Archery World Ranking Events, but is not yet included in World Cups or the World Archery Target Championships.

World Archery Rule Books

To see the World Archery Rule Book on Field and 3D Archery, click here:

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Barebow Target Archery Ranking

The Archery Canada Barebow Target ranking list is an annual ongoing list, that ranks Barebow Target Archers using the scores submitted through the I@nseo scoring system.

Learn more about the ranking list here.

To see the current ranking list, please visit the I@nseo ranking system.