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Canadian 3D Outdoor Championships are wrapped up in PEI

July 18, 2022
Canadian 3D Outdoor Championships are wrapped up in PEI

COVEHEAD, PE – The first event of the 2022 Canadian Championships wrapped up today with the conclusion of the 3D competition. Almost 100 archers tried to shoot the highest score in two qualification rounds taking place over the weekend. 8 bow types across different age categories were contested. It started with 2 qualification rounds of 24 targets each; after the 48 targets were completed, the top 8 scorers advanced automatically to the finals. The competitors outside of the top 8 then shot in the last chance qualifier (LCQ), which will determine the top scorers of the remaining archers, who then earn the 9th and 10th place in the brackets. In the finals, each round will consist of 3 targets from one station and the archer with the most points after 3 targets will advance onto the next round.

The day started off with the qualification rounds. Some of the top scores were earned by athletes attending the 3D World Championships in September. William Melnik and Michael Van Der Giessen took the top two spots in the men’s barebow competition. Sabrina Van Der Giessen won the barebow women’s classification. The compound fixed pins was a small competitor field, but saw Glen Shaw and Angela Hay win the men’s and women’s divisions, respectively. Patrice Michaud was the highest scoring archer in the men’s compound unlimited category; Andrea Wiens, who is also attending 3D Worlds, took the women’s title. This competition also saw young archers shooting compound unlimited style: Tasjia Boyle (winner – U18 women), Maximus Warren (winner – U15 men), Ember Frigon (winner – U13 women). Guy Houde took the top spot in the compound unlimited 50+ men’s division, while Boyd Beck came in first in the 60+ division. In the Hunter division, one that is unique to 3D archery, Tim Watts from Ontario won. Lonny Gray won the men’s Known 50 category by three points, while Erin Lee earned the top spot in the women’s class by nearly 20 points. Marc Britton and Trudy Dryden, both attending the World Championships later this year, took the respective titles in the instinctive category. The men’s longbow category qualification round saw the top three spots taken by athletes shooting for Canada later this year: Greg Dettling, Fred Streleoff, and Jaize Tostyniuk. Miranda Sparkes won the women’s longbow division decisively, preparing for her second 3D World Championships. On the traditional side, Harvie Duncan won the U18 men’s division, Bob Dryden won the 50+ men’s category, and Dorothy Best brought home the top qualifying score for the women’s 50+ archers.

Following the second qualification round on Sunday, both the men’s Hunter and Known 50 category went into a LCQ. In the Hunter category, six individuals had a second chance at making the finals, with Vincent Burgoyne and Stanley Johnston earning the top two spots and advancing. 9 archers shot for a second chance in the known 50 category; Chad Harpell and Tim Kubas moved on to fill out the elimination bracket.

In the categories with less than 5 participants, the medals were determined by their qualification placements. The categories whose medals were decided by elimination matches were longbow, hunter, compound unlimited in the men’s, 50+, and 60+ divisions, as well as the known 50 category.

Monty Vander Westhuizen came into the men’s longbow elimination brackets in 4th, but went undefeated through the bracket to claim gold in his division, winning over Fred Streleoff. In the hunter division, Tim Watts, who claimed the 1st place spot in qualifiers, continued to shoot strong all the way to the gold medal. In the men’s compound unlimited category, Patrice Michaud emerged victorious at the end of the competition, taking home the gold medal. Another huge competitor field was seen in the known 50 men’s division, where 17 men shot in qualifiers, 10 moved on, and Bruno Morin, originally seeded 3rd, beat number #1-placed Lonny Gray for the gold. In the men’s compound unlimited 50+ age category, Carl Jones came in as the second-seeded archer, but shot his way to the top of the podium. The top 4 archers in the men’s 60+ compound unlimited category were the ones in the two medal matches, however, 3rd-seeded Randy Reid is the one who came out as the gold medal winner. 

A full list of the medalists at the 2022 Canadian 3D Outdoor Championships can be found at:

The competition carries on with the Canadian Field Championships from July 19 to 20. 


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