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Canadian Championships continue with Field competition

July 20, 2022
Canadian Championships continue with Field competition

COVEHEAD, PE – Following the conclusion of the 3D Outdoor Championships, the competition did not miss a beat, moving onto the Field event. Just over 50 archers arrived to shoot in this event, running from July 19th to 20th. Seven different bow types with a huge number of age categories were represented. Day 1 consisted of the qualification round, which has 2 field courses of 12 targets each; one course is marked, the other unmarked. The second day of the event saw elimination rounds.

In the men’s and women’s recurve division, both were won by Americans who made the journey to shoot: Matthew Nofel and Molly Nugent. Daniel Wood takes the title in the men’s U21 recurve as the sole archer in the division. Mia Renaud wins the U21 women, Ryder Wilson wins U18 men, Zohy Wilson takes the U18 women, Alain Audet the 50+ men, and Lucie Filion wins the 50+ women’s competition, all in recurve. Austin Taylor scored the highest score in the entire qualification round, with a 397 in the men’s compound category. Dianne Hunter is the victor in the women’s compound category. Dustin Watson won the U21 men’s compound division by nearly 50 points, and Taylor Klimchuk earned 1st place in the U21 women competition. Moving onto the younger categories, Keegan Crawford won the U18 men’s compound division, Tasjia Boyle took the U18 women top spot, and Ember Frigon was the winner in the U13 women category. Tim Watts shot a score high enough to earn him the 50+ men’s compound division; Julie Belanger is the 50+ women’s winner. On the barebow side, William Melnik, Sophia Elder, and George Zimmerman won the men’s, U15 women’s, and 50+ men’s competition, respectively. Glen Shaw earned himself the 1st place seed in the compound fixed pins category, while Angela Hay took it on the women’s side. In the sole compound unlimited division, Colin Law-Grant took the top score. James Frigon won the hunter division by more than 40 points, while Miranda Sparkes won the longbow category.

The afternoon was highlighted by the final matches. Even with a smaller number of competitors, there were still some gold medal matches as any category with 2 or more archers required a final match to determine the winner. In the categories with only one archer, that athlete was crowned the Canadian Champion in their division based on their qualification score.

In the recurve men’s division, Matthew Nofel from the United States walked away with the gold medal, beating Andrew Azores (ON), who won the silver medal and was crowned the Canadian Champion. With the categories that included an American archer, the gold medal went to the highest score in the final match but the highest ranking Canadian athlete is crowned the Canadian Champion. On the women’s recurve side, Virginie Chénier (QC) and Molly Nugent (USA) faced off, with Chénier winning both the gold medal and the Canadian Championship title. In the U21 women’s category, Mia Renaud and Amelia Gagne shot against each other. Gagne walked away with the gold medal after the match. Ryder Wilson and Liam Bennett were opponents in the final match for the U18 men’s recurve division; Wilson emerged victorious. The recurve 50+ men’s final proved to be close with a final score of 30-29, with Richard Guenette winning over Alain Audet. On the women’s side, Cathy Relf won the match with a score of 33-29. Switching over to the compound division, Austin Taylor beat Jordan Adachi to secure the men’s compound title. Dianne Hunter won the compound women’s division over Melanie Lefler. In the compound U21 men’s category, Dustin Watson emerged the winner over Brady Klassen for the gold medal, and Ryan Cherniak got the bronze. Jyotsna Challa won the compound U21 women’s division. Trevor Hoy and Keegan Crawford faced off; Hoy won the gold medal match 56-52. The compound masters men had a very close match in the gold medal final, with Tim Watts winning over Richard Scammell (52-51), and then Kevin Evans won the bronze medal. In the barebow 50+ men’s match, Jamie Morse won by 2 points for the title. Glen Shaw and Kevin Booker were opponents in the gold medal match for the men’s compound fixed pin event. Colin Law-Grant and Adam Boyle shot against each other for the men’s compound unlimited division. All other categories only had one archer and therefore did not have a final match.

The results for the Canadian Field Championships can be found here:

Competition moves forward with the Fred Usher Cup (a team target competition) on July 21 and recurve qualifications on July 22. 


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