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Canuck Corp./Techniche Canada renews sponsorship of National Team

June 08, 2021
Canuck Corp./Techniche Canada renews sponsorship of National Team
Canadian Archers will continue to benefit from technical sponsorship of the national team

Archery Canada is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with Cool Canuck Corp./Techniche Canada as a technical sponsor of our national teams. Archery Canada entered into an initial agreement with the Cool Canuck Corp. in 2020, providing specialized cooling technology for national team athletes, with certain clothing items supplied for all national team athletes and additional technologies to be used to address some of the extreme environmental conditions that may be faced during outdoor tournaments.

Cool Canuck apparel is designed for Canadians looking for a garment that will provide stylish appeal, functionality, comfortable fit and durability. The products are made locally and benefit from superior craftsmanship, high grade technical fabrics and a skilled workforce. Under the new agreement, the company will be outfitting the team athletes with specialized shooting and practice shirts for all major games until 2024. Further promotional support will see Cool Canuck products as prize packages for special events each year. Members of the national team will continue to be outfitted with a number of innovative products to help address specific concerns that will face the athletes in the summer’s competitions. They will be augmenting national team gear with cooling apparel to better equip the teams for all conditions.

“Supporting Archery Canada for another four years is going to be amazing. We will be able to field test products together and remain competitive globally, even in the hottest of climates,” says Dan Dexel, of Cool Canuck. “Our products are designed to keep you drier and cooler using patented fabric technologies as well as phase change cooling for those high humidity conditions.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with Cool Canuck. Since the beginning, they’ve brought innovative ideas and products to the table, whether with cooling materials and face masks or our Techniche cooling vests, that will help our athletes stay cool in the most intense environments,” said Shawn Riggs, National Recurve Coach. “Managing body temperature in challenging conditions still isn’t being exploited by archers with the technologies available. Cool Canuck has assisted the team with a number of effective cooling products that we believe will help contribute to some exciting results this summer.”