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Chase Martin

Short Biography:

I have always been an avid athlete growing up, and was fortunate to take part in many sports. My main focuses were hockey, motocross, and archery. My Dad put a little willow bow in my hands as soon as he could and I used to shoot all his mounted animals in the house. Throughout the years as I grew up shooting by his side, I always looked up to him. After choosing to focus my time and effort into Archery, and thanks to all my Dads help with my equipment and coaching, as well as support from family, friends, and sponsors, I have been able to earn some of the same accomplishments he has. I love archery and am grateful for the good times with family and friends, as well as the lessons taught that have helped me in everyday life.

Biggest Accomplishment:

Representing team Canada after an incredibly successful 2019 season

Hobbies outside of Sport:


International Results:

The 2019 3D World Archery Championships is Chase’s first international event.

More about Chase:


Grande Prairie, Alberta

Birthplace, Province:

Grande Prairie, Alberta

National Team:

3D Archery National Team

Club (Primary Training Centre):

Game Country Archers

Type of Bow:

I shoot a compound thanks to the support from Bowtech