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Committee on Compound/3D Funding

November 04, 2016
Committee on Compound/3D Funding

Under the new 3-year operating agreement between the Provincial / Territorial Archery Association Members and Archery Canada, Archery Canada will begin collecting $3.00 per Registrant (member) to be used for funding 3D and Compound archery (disciplines not covered by Sport Canada). The 3-year operating agreement goes into effect  January 1st 2017 and ends December 31st 2019.  Archery Canada President, Al Wills has struck an ad hoc committee to formulate a plan on how the funds generated by Archery Canada for 3D and Compound archery should be dispersed beginning in 2017. The members of the committee are: Ed Wilson, MB (Chair), Fiona McClean, ON, and Al Campsall, BC. If you would like to provide feedback to the ad hoc committee you may contact the chair

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