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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

We have set up this page for our registered participants in an effort to compile important information concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Archery Canada and its Member Associations regard the health, safety and well-being of our participants (archers, coaches, officials and volunteers) as our highest priority. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is rapidly evolving and we want to urge all to heed the most recent public health guidelines in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Together we can all do our part.

Know the facts about coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Additional related updates:

  • The 2020 Canadian 3D Archery Championships have been cancelled. No alternate date has been identified at this time, and it is highly likely the event will not take place in 2020.
  • The 2020 Canadian Outdoor Championships in PEI have been cancelled
  • The 2020 Canada Cup West has been postponed until Spring 2021
  • Archery Canada has suspended tournament registration until July 31st 2020
  • All World Archery international events have been cancelled until June 30
  • At this time all planned training camps and international events for the national team have been cancelled until restrictions can be lifted.
  • Archery Canada staff members are working from home effective March 16th, and can be reached by email only.
  • Archery Canada applauds the decision of the Provincial and Territorial Members in their measures to postpone or cancel events, as directed by their local health authorities.

Return to Sport

There is currently in many provinces/territories a gradual re-opening in a phased approach. Sport plays a critical role in the mental and physical health recovery of Canadians and will contribute to the community’s economic revival. Our PT Archery Associations along with Archery Canada want to help clubs deliver the best possible degree of “physical distance” through adapted rules for our sport to continue fulfilling our joint responsibility to keep the number of new COVID-19 virus infections at a level that is manageable for our health system. Each Province will have in place protocols that will help to guide this process. 

It cannot be emphasized enough that clubs should go through a risk assessment process in planning for the safety of their athletes, coaches and the larger population in general. The return to sport will follow a phased in approach which will reflect the current guidelines for control of community transmission. 

Before going to the range, ask yourself the following:

Do I have any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, such as a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by health experts? If you are unsure, refer to the Canadian COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool YES Follow instruction of the local health department to get tested or treatment. Exercise self-isolation until given guidance by a medical practitioner.
Have I been in contact with anyone who has been infected  or have I recently travelled into the area from another Province or internationally? YES Don’t start training for at least 2 weeks.
Am I considered vulnerable or at risk (elderly individuals, immunosuppressed persons, individuals suffering from serious health problems, notably high blood pressure, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, obesity and asthma)? YES Exercise caution in returning to training and follow strict physical distancing. Notify the operator of the range of your risk factors.

Club Resources:

The following posters have been shared with the Provinces/Territories for clubs to post in their facilities:

COVID-19 Table
COVID-19 Distancing
COVID-19 Cleaning
COVID-19 Hand Washing

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Sport Medicine Advisory Committee Updates

These joint messages are from the Own the Podium led Sport Medicine Advisory Committee comprised of Chief Medical Officers from the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Paralympic Committee, and the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN). They are meant to guide National Sporting Organizations (NSOs) in decision-making with respect to travel to competitions within and outside Canada. Information has been obtained from the World Health Organization, Government of Canada and Australian Institute of Sports websites. Other references are listed in this document.