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Fostering Archery Knowledge and Community Bonds: AC x CRAC Development Camp and Coaches Seminar

January 08, 2024
Fostering Archery Knowledge and Community Bonds: AC x CRAC Development Camp and Coaches Seminar

Edmonton, AB – On December 2, 2023, Archery Canada (AC) and the Capital Region Archery Club (CRAC) joined forces to host a Development Camp and Coaches Seminar, aimed at enhancing archery expertise and strengthening community ties.

The camp featured coaches, high-performance athletes, and intermediate athletes specializing in Recurve and Barebow disciplines, from multiple provinces across Canada. The coordination and organization of the camp were exemplary under the guidance of Kylah Cawley, Archery Canada’s High Performance Manager, and Aaron Cox of Capital Region Archery Club.

Aaron Cox, the organizer, shared his overall impressions: “Dr. Mahmoud’s knowledge and interpersonal skills exceeded expectations. The camp was a major success, with participants showing openness to change and a positive attitude.”

Dr. Mahmoud employed team-building exercises as ice breakers to allow participants from different provinces to familiarize themselves with each other in order to create a positive atmosphere on the range, promoting interaction among all participants and discouraging the formation of isolated groups. Cox highlighted the success: “Camps like this are a great step to increase archery knowledge throughout Canada and strengthen bonds within the archery community.”

Participants were equally positive, praising the group atmosphere and one-on-one coaching. The balance drills and elastic band exercises received particular acclaim.

This camp marks one of a few collaborations with our Provincial Members, and feedback from the camp will be used to enhance and refine future coaching initiatives, ensuring a more tailored and comprehensive learning experience for participants.

Brian Maxwell’s involvement added significant value, as he shared his experiences and took initial steps toward coaching, contributing to the overall success of the event. Cox sees potential growth by involving high-performance athletes in similar roles, fostering more learning and aiding them in taking their initial coaching steps.

Reflecting on future initiatives, Cox expressed interest in hosting a similar camp again next fall, with gratitude for the support received.

Cox identified the potential for involving high-performance athletes in coaching roles, recognizing it as an opportunity for mutual learning and advancement in their coaching careers.