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Get Involved with Archery Canada – Apply to join a committee today!!

June 13, 2018
Get Involved with Archery Canada – Apply to join a committee today!!

Archery Canada is seeking interested individuals to serve as volunteers on various Archery Canada Committees. We are seeking dedicated and eager volunteers who are able to donate their time and expertise to help grow our organization and the sport of archery in Canada on nine (9) different committees.

Volunteers are the backbone of any sport organization and Archery Canada is no different. If you are willing to dedicate some of your time to supporting our organization, consider applying as a Committee Volunteer today!


Archery Canada is the National Sport Organization responsible for the promotion and development of the timeless sport of archery in a safe and ethical manner. Archery Canada supports the achievement of high performance excellence in archery in all categories and the development of a national archery infrastructure to promote archery participation across Canada in cooperation with the Provincial/Territorial Archery Associations


The current call is to fill positions on the following Archery Canada Committees.


Committee members are expected to:

  • Support the mission of the Archery Canada
  • Participate in committee meetings (frequency varies by committee)
  • Keep meeting material and documentation confidential until it becomes public
  • Respond in a timely manner to organizational requests
  • Support the majority decision once approved
  • Be familiar with Archery Canada policies


(1) Complete the application form: 2018 Archery Canada Committee Volunteer Application Form. By completing this form, you are acknowledging that you are willing and able to become an active, contributing member on an Archery Canada committee.

(2) Current committee members need not apply. All current and newly appointed committee members will fill a three (3) year term, August 9, 2018 – August 8, 2021. No term limits will be imposed.

(3) The deadline for the receipt of completed applications is July 9, 2018, but don’t wait, apply today!

(4) Appointments will be confirmed and approved by the Archery Canada Board of Directors for all committee positions on August 8, 2018.


Mary MacDonald
Archery Canada Executive Director