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Recurve Archery Athlete Assistance Program

The Archery Canada Recurve Target archers carding program is funded by Sport Canada through the Athlete Assistance Program.

The Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) is a sport funding program of the Government of Canada that contributes to the pursuit of excellence. The goal of the Sport Canada Athlete Assistance program (AAP) is to contribute towards improved Canadian performances at major international sporting events such as the Olympic/Paralympic Games and World Championships. More information on the AAP policy supporting the Archery Canada (AC) carding policy and process can be found at the following link:

Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program Policy

For 2025, Sport Canada has allocated the equivalent of five (5) Senior Cards to Archery Canada (AC) for the Olympic program able-bodied athletes for AC’s carding cycle. Please read the process to understand how nominations may be determined and cards allocated.

2025 Recurve Archers – Men and Women – Carding Policy and Process


Sport Canada Approved 2024 AAP Nomination List

The following list of athletes nominated for the 2024 carding cycle

2024 Development Cards:
  • Devaang Gupta
  • Virginie Chenier
  • Reece Wilson-Poyton
  • Brandon Xuereb
  • Natalee Chan
  • Stephanie Barrett
  • Ben Lee
2024 Senior International Card
  • Eric Peters

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