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Classifier and Classifier Training

What is a Classifier?

In para-sport, classification creates a structure for the competition that attempts to create as level of a playing field in each sport, to reduce the chance of disadvantages to athletes based on any impairments they may have.  Criteria is then put in place to ensure that winning is determined by the athletes skill, fitness, power, endurance, tactical skills and mental focus, similar to that of able-bodied spot.

Classifiers are the officials who are certified to conduct the classification evaluation process. At a specific event there will be a panel of classifiers who have been trained and certified at either the National Level – For National Classifications, or international level by World Archery.

According to the IPC’s International Standard for Classifier Personnel and Training, classifier competencies must include that a classifier has:

  • a thorough understanding of the relevant sport classification rules;
  • an understanding of the relevant sport and its rules;
  • an understanding of the Code and the International Standards; and
  • the professional qualifications, level of experience and any other skills or competencies the relevant International Sport Federation determines the classifier must possess to conduct athlete evaluations in accordance with the International Standard for Athlete Evaluation

Medical classifiers should be certified health professional in a field relevant to the eligible impairment categories, such as a medical doctor or physical therapist, who has knowledge and experience in dealing with people with physical impairments. They must to have the prerequisites set by the international federation of the sport in which they desire to be trained as a medical classifier.

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