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Marjorie Saunders

Olympian and a founding member of the Maple Ridge Archery Club, Marjorie’s influence was felt by hundreds.

In 1955 Marj, already an accomplished athlete, came to the sport of archery. Her contribution to archery was not limited to representing Canada at the Olympics and numerous International tournaments, but more so, as coach, judge and mentor to 100’s of athletes, young and old. As one of the founding members of the Maple Ridge Archery Club, Marj was instrumental in the direction the club would take. She was a major contributor to the formation of the Junior Olympian Program that is still followed in BC today. At the age of 92, after 50 years of involvement in our sport, Marj retired from coaching having touched the lives of many. May those that have had the privilege of knowing her, cherish her memory.

Marjorie Saunders

1935 ~ 2010

Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Donors: Maple Ridge Archery Club, Murray and Kim Peacock, Al & Mary Wills