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Individual and doubles archery continues at the Pan and Parapan Am Championships

November 24, 2022
Individual and doubles archery continues at the Pan and Parapan Am Championships

SANTIAGO, CL – Day 3 of the official competition at the Pan and Parapan Am Championships was filled with para team and individual able-bodied matches. 

Kevin Evans and Rob Cox represented Canada in the compound men’s open doubles event of the Parapan Am Championships. Their first opponent was the Mexican team, who was ranked just above them in the qualification rounds. The Canadians held onto the lead throughout the match and won with a score of 143-137. That then advanced the doubles team into the semifinals against the top-qualified Brazilian team, and while the Canadians did fight hard, they dropped the match with a score of 134-146. This meant that they were then in the bronze medal match against the Colombians. Scores at the conclusion of each end were never separated by more than 2 points, so by all definitions a close match. Unfortunately, they did not manage to come out on top, but still finished the competition in 4th place. 

Andrew Azores shot against Luis Jaquez of Dominican Republic for his first match in the recurve men’s individual competition on the able-bodied side. He shot strong during each end and won the match, with a score of 6-0. For his second match, he faced off against his teammate Brian Maxwell, who had received a bye past the previous round of eliminations. Unfortunately, both Canadians couldn’t advance and Azores came out on top with a score of 6-2. Another recurve men’s athlete in action today was Eric Peters, whose first opponent was Bruce Arnold of the US Virgin Islands. He came out victorious with a score of 6-0. Peters then continued on to face off against Tomás Peña Leiva, who was shooting in his home country of Chile. After tying the second end, Peters emerged victorious with a score of 7-1. In the ⅛ elimination round, Peters and Azores faced off against each other, making for another double Canadian matchup. It was a tight match that took 5 ends to decide. Peters eventually won the match with a score of 6-4, but all ends were decided by less than 3 points. Peters then moved on to face #2-ranked Jorge Enriquez (COL) and while it was again another tight match, Enriquez took the win with a score of 6-4. Devaang Gupta, who received a bye past the first two rounds of eliminations, faced off against Mario Damian Jajarabilla of Argentina and won, 6-4. Gupta then went on to shoot against Angel Alvarado (MEX) and won the match with a score of 6-2. In the quarterfinals, Gupta was unable to hold off Cuban Hugo Franco from taking the win.

All four Canadians in the recurve women’s division were in action today. Virginie Chénier faced Guadalupe Caffaratti for her first match of the day. She won in four ends, taking the match 6-2. Her next opponent was Ana Machado, ranked right after her in the qualification round. It was a tight match; Chénier won the match with a score of 6-4 after five ends of shooting. Up next was her ⅛ elimination match against top-qualified Casey Kaufhold (USA). Once again, Chénier shot strong and forced the match to go to 5 ends. The Canadian archer shot strongly, but was unable to get the win needed to advance, only losing by two set points (4-6). Natalee Chan unfortunately dropped her first match in a very close tiebreaker. After both her and her opponent Florencia Leithold (ARG) gained 5 set points, they went into a one arrow shoot-off. Leithold had the closer arrow, scoring 10, while Chan shot a 9. She doesn’t move on but shot strong throughout her match. Eleanor Brug, who is attending her first international competition in Santiago, shot against Casay Casanova of Uruguay and won with a strong score of 6-0. She continued the successful shooting in her next match against Mexican Paulina Garza, winning the next match with a score of 6-2. Brug’s third match was equally successful, with a final score of 7-1 against Brazilian Ana Luiza Sliachticas Caetano. Brug then advanced to face Chan’s opponent Florencia Leithold and even though she lost the first two ends, she came back and won the last three, winning the overall match with a final score of 6-4. In the semifinals, Brug was against Ane Marcelle Dos Santos of Brazil to determine in which medal match she was going to compete. The ends were close, but Brug wasn’t able to hold onto the lead and lost the match, moving on to shoot in the bronze medal match on Sunday, November 27 at 2:42 p.m. local time (12:42 p.m. EST). Stephanie Barrett also won her first match with a score of 6-0 against Ecuadorian Aytana Guerra. Her next match was against Colombian Mariana Ospina Quintana and while the match was very close, Barrett was unable to pull off the win and will not advance further in the competition. 

Angela Foley, one of two Canadian barebow archers in this competition, unfortunately dropped her ⅛ elimination round match against #1-ranked athlete from the USA Christina Lyons. Brooke Daigle, the second half of the Canadian female barebow team, faced off against the #2-ranked athlete in this division, American Fawn Girard. It was a tough match, and unfortunately, Daigle was not able to advance.

In the afternoon, the men’s compound individual athletes took to the shooting line. Shooting versus Pedro Salazar of Guatemala was Canadian Cameron Palichuk, who emerged as the winner of this match-up. The score was 144-140. Unfortunately, Palichuk then dropped his next match against Jagdeep Singh Mejia (COL), with a final score of 146-144. Tristan Spicer-Moran was originally scheduled to shoot against Diego Quesada Arias of Costa Rica, however, due to his opponent not starting the match, he advanced onto the next round. #2-ranked Nick Kappers (USA) awaited Spicer-Moran in the second round, and unfortunately Adachi wasn’t able to pull the win, losing with a score of 149-145. Jordan Adachi, who received a bye to the second elimination round due to his high score in the qualifications, faced Brandon Gonzalez Vargas of Costa Rica. He was not able to come out on top and dropped the match with a score of 139-144. Austin Taylor shot against Sherwin Francis from Trinidad and Tobago for his first match of the day; the final score was 146-140 in favour of the Canadian. He continued on to face off against Luccas Abreu of Brazil, and he emerged from the match victorious with a score of 147-145. In the ⅛ elimination round, his opponent was Bryan Alvarado of Puerto Rico. Taylor maintained a lead, albeit a small one, throughout the match and carried that to a winning final score of 145-144. Unfortunately, in the next match, the scores were reversed against his next opponent Miguel Becerra (MEX), meaning Taylor did not advance past the ¼ finals. 

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