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Kevin Baldwin

Short Biography:

My Name is Kevin Baldwin im from Atmore Alberta with Grand Population of 36. I started shooting Archery at 4 years old and Have shot competitively with both Tradition bows and coumpound bows ever since.

I switch from compound to Recurve at the age of 17 for the simple reason that it looked more fun. This is my first world event and super excited for it to be in my home town.

Biggest Accomplishment:

Making Team Canada

Hobbies outside of Sport:

Hunting and fishing

International Results:

The 2019 World Archery 3D Championships is Kevin’s first international event.

More about Kevin:


Atmore, Alberta

Birthplace, Province:

Lac La Biche, Alberta

National Team:

3D Archery National Team

Club (Primary Training Centre):

Lakeland Archers

Type of Bow: