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Kyle Tremblay

Short Biography:

I have been on Canada’s Paralympic Archery team for 4-years and qualified for the team after my 1st season of competitive shooting. I spend a lot of time working to improve my self both mentally and physically as well as doing my part to promote sports to the disabled community. I think sports are a great distraction from the reality of being disabled and also from the chronic pain that most disabled people feel all the time. I myself have had chronic pain for the last 10-years and I have found that distracting my mind with sports, mental and physical training, and gaming has helped me more than any medication or procedure that doctor’s have prescribed. After suffering for 10-years and finding some relief with these strategies, promoting this has become a mission for me because chronic pain is a major problem and I know how hard it can be to move past it.

Biggest Accomplishment:

I was Canada’s top ranked Male Compound Open archer in 2018

Hobbies outside of Sport:

I enjoy working on and customizing cars as well as building and working on computers and small electronics

Records Set:

I currently hold Canada’s men’s compound open 720-round record shot in 2018 at Ontario Provincial Championships with a score of 703 of 720

International Results:

9th Place, Team and Mixed Team, S-Hertogenbosch 2019 World Archery Para Championships

9th Place Team, Beijing 2017 World Archery Para Championships

More about Kyle:


Deep River, Ontario

Birthplace, Province:


National Team:

Para Compound

Club (Primary Training Centre):

Ontario Association of Archers


Duncan Crawford

Type of Bow: