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Marc Britton

Short Biography:

British Ex-pat now proudly a Canadian citizen living in Kamloops, B.C. for 7 years. Been shooting around 12 years having started out in the UK in target recurve, also shot target compound before moving into 3D/field shooting and committing to that and “traditional” archery soon after.

I love being outdoors be it fishing, hunting, being with my dogs, kayaking or loosing arrows. Good food, drink and company as well as bad jokes also make me smile.

Usually found shooting with (and taking orders from) my wife, Katie.

Biggest Accomplishment:

2019 Canadian 3D Championship “instinctive” Division gold medal and making the Canadian 3D team the year of becoming a Canadian Citizen

Hobbies outside of Sport:

Fly Fishing

International Results:

The 2019 3D World Championships will be Marc’s first time competing for the Canadian Team.

More about Marc:


Kamloops, British Columbia

Birthplace, Province:

Transvaal, S.A.

National Team:

3D Archery National Team

Club (Primary Training Centre):

Kamloops Target Sports Association.

Type of Bow:

Recurve, Mins riser and Uukha Limbs