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Monica Higgins

Short Biography:

I have been shooting competitively since 2002 and am as passionate about this sport now as I was when I started. I am a certified coach and have started to work with kids and adults (whoever wants to learn). When not working at archery I am work at being a Customer Service Manager with an Cargill an Ag Co and have been with them for 28 years.

Biggest Accomplishment:

24 National 3D medals, 13 Gold, 7 Silver and 4 Bronze

Hobbies outside of Sport:

The outdoors and traveling

International Results:

14th Place, Robion 2017 World Archery 3D Championships

15th Place, Terni 2015 World Archery 3D Championships

More about Monica:


Lethbridge, Alberta

Birthplace, Province:

Thompson, Manitoba

National Team:

3D Archery National Team

Club (Primary Training Centre):

Lethbridge, Alberta


Gary Higgins

Type of Bow:

With the support of Bowtech I shoot a Reckoning compound bow