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3D Indoor Mailmatch

Competition runs Jan. 1st – April 29th 2020

What is 3D Indoor Mailmatch?

The 3D Indoor Mailmatch is a National Competition shot in multiple locations across Canada between the dates of January 1 and March 30. Due to the vast geography of our country it can be difficult to attend all National competitions. Mailmatch allows for national competition to happen without having to travel further than a local club. 

General Information

The event is open to all recognized Archery Canada classes for medals, which will be distributed within a month of the last day of eligible shoots. 

As each Mailmatch tournament takes place the National Ranking will be updated. An Archer may participate in more than one Mailmatch tournament at separate clubs if they desire. Only their best score will be used. At the end of the Mailmatch period, the national champion in each category will be awarded an indoor Maimatch medal. 

Archery Canada 3D Mailmatch Coordinator:

Full registration details are outlined below. If you have any further questions, or are ready to submit scores, please contact the Archery Canada 3D Mailmatch Coordinator, Aaron Bull:

Who can Participate:

Any Archery Canada affiliated club and member can participate and submit scores for the 3D Indoor Mailmatch. 

If an Archery Canada club intends to participate, the 3D shoot that will be used for scoring will need to be registered in I@nseo, and identified as a mailmatch shoot.

If you need assistance registering your shoot, please contact Kylah Cawley, at the Archery Canada office.

  1. The fee for the 3D Mailmatch is a flat rate of $5.00 per archer, per division. An archer may shoot only one division per registered 3D Indoor mailmatch shoot (Book 2: AC If an archer wishes to shoot in a second division, it must be done at a separate registered 3D Indoor mailmatch shoot. 

Scores will be posted for each club once the payment for all participating archers has been processed. 

The CMD should collect and submit payment for all participating archers, through the Make a Payment Form on the Archery Canada website.

How to register your club and archers:

Club Registration:

To register your club tournament for the Mailmatch, there are two steps that will need to be followed:

  1. Identify an individual to be the Club Mailmatch Director (CMD). This individual will be in contact with the Archery Canada Mailmatch Coordinator, and submit scores on behalf of their club.
  2. Register your tournament on the Archery Canada calendar through IANSEO: . Find out how here: When registering the tournament, indicate who the CMD is in the registration notes as “CMD: Name, Email, Phone”
  3. When completing the registration of the tournament , designate the tournament as a Mailmatch tournament by checking the 3D Mailmatch box under Competition Remarks

The Canadian 3D Indoor Championships is not eligible to be a tournament shot for the 3D Mailmatch tournament. 

Archer Registration:

Once the shoot is registered, the CMD should contact the Archery Canada mailmatch Coordinator at: The Archery Canada Mailmatch coordinator will provide access to the Mailmatch results entry form.

On this form, the CMD will list all participating archers, and use this to submit their scores.

What are the rules and procedures?

The event is intended to be run in conjunction with the club’s regular 3D tournament, only ten targets on the course will be shot for the Mailmatch. These 10 targets will be included in the 20 target course set-up, and thus  will be shot twice for a possible 220 points

  1. All archers participating in the 3D Indoor Mailmatch must be a registered participant of Archery Canada through their Provincial/Territorial Federation. Guests may not be entered into the Mailmatch tournament.
  2. The Club will conduct a single registered 3D Tournament that is designated as a Mailmatch event. The Club Mailmatch Coordinator will be responsible for submitting official scores at the conclusion of the designated event 
  3. The registered Mailmatch Tournament must be overseen by a Judge as designated within your P/T Federation. 
Course Set-Up

The course will be shot in one day, with 20 targets total. Targets will be shot in sequential order, 1 through 20, with archers grouped by competitive category. 

The Mailmatch Coordinator will ensure the course has a combination of the following 10 targets as part of the course. 


Max 50 Yard Classes
Target Size & Quantity Types of Targets
1 Extra Large Elk, Caribou or Bison
4 Large

(At least 1 white, 1 black, and 2 tan targets)

Mule Deer, Big Ten, 30pt Buck, Large Black Bear, Cougar, Black Panther, White Ram, Stone Sheep, Dahl Sheep, Standing Black Bear, Boar or Polar Bear
2 Medium Coyote, Red Fox, Javalina, Cobra, Catalina Goat, Bear on Stump, Feeding Doe
2 Small

May not use 2 frogs

Jack-a-lope, Skunk, Green Frog, Poison Frog, or Racoon
1 Extra Small Small Bear, Mosquito, Grouse, or Raven


Max 30 Yard Classes
Target Size & Quantity Types of Targets
4 Large

(! white, 1 black and 2 tan targets)

Black Bear, Cougar, Black Panther, White Ram, Antelope, Stone Sheep, Dahl Sheep, Standing Black Bear, Boar, Cinnamon Bear or Polar Bear
3 Medium Coyote, Red Fox, Javalina, Cobra, Carp, Follow Deer, Feeding Doe
2 Small

(Use only 1 frog)

Jack-a-lope, skunk, green frog, poison frog, stegosaurus or racoon
1 Extra Small Small Bear, Mosquito, Grouse, or Raven

The targets must be setup broad side to the shooting line at the exact distance specified in the tables. It is recommended that the Technical Delegate measure the distance with a long tape, and not a Range Finder, to ensure consistency across Canada. 

The targets must be in order as shown above for the course. They may be in a row or separated by non-mailmatch targets, as long as the CMD is able to identify the counting targets.  The scoring zone of the entire target should be visible to the competitor.

  1. At the end of the shoot, the MM Director will identify the designated targets and the participants must record their total for the 10 targets and submit their scorecards to the club Mailmatch Director to upload to Archery Canada. 

Please Note: CMD should not permit archers to shoot multiple scores for single Mailmatch shoots. Archery Canada reserves the right to disqualify a Club if the Rules are not followed.

Archery Canada Tournament Age Classes:


Archery Canada Tournament Classes
Master Athlete may compete as a Master starting in the year of their 50th birthday.
Senior Athletes in the year of their 21st birthday, and older, will compete in the Senior class.
Junior Athletes may compete in the Junior class up to and through the year of their 20th birthday.
Cadet Athletes may compete in the Cadet class up to and through the year of their 17th birthday.
Cub Athletes may compete in the Cub class up to and through the year of their 14th birthday.
Pre-cub Athletes may compete in the Bowman class up to and through the year of their 12th birthday.
Peewee This class is for youths up to and through the year of their 9th birthday.


□ Barebow 

□ Instinctive

□ Longbow 

□ Compound Unlimited 

□ Compound Fixed Pins 

□ Hunter 

□ Known 50

How are scores submitted?

The CMD will collect all scores from the identified targets, and submit all archers scores through the results system provided to the CMD by the Archery Canada Mailmatch Coordinator. 

Scores are to be submitted within seven days of the event, and only the scores for eligible targets are to be submitted. 

Are there awards for 3D Mailmatch?

Live Results will be posted on the Archery Canada website throughout the competition. The top 3 archers in each category will be awarded a medal for their achievement. If there is a critical tie it will be broken with number of 11’s if two archers are still tied it will remain a tie. In the case of tie cannot be broken for Gold two gold medals and a bronze will be awarded. In the case a tie cannot be broken for silver two silver medals will be awarded and no bronze. In the case a tie cannot be broken for bronze two medals will be awarded.