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Canadian Outdoor Target Championships

Target archery is the most well known format of archery. Shot over various distances, depending on age and equipment, archers shoot at a traditional five-coloured, 10 ring target. Target archery can be shot both indoors and outdoors.

Archery Canada includes the following bow styles in target archery: Recurve, Compound (including unlimited and fixed pin), Barebow and Hunter.

Recurve Target Archery is included at the Olympic level, with Compound target archery can be seen at the Pan American Games, and World Championships. Barebow will be added to World Archery events starting in 2020.

2020 Canadian Target Championships

The 2020 Canadian Outdoor Target Championships are being hosted in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  The Championship will run from July 22-26th.

Specific information on the Championship will be posted here once available.

How to Register

All Archery Canada members in good standing can register for the Canadian Target Championships. To verify your membership is up to date, please reach out to your Provincial/Territorial Organization, or refer to the I@nseo membership system.

Registration details will be posted when available.

Elimination Rounds

During the Canadian Target Championships, archers have a chance to participate in elimination rounds, one with a team, the other as an individual.

Fred Usher Cup:

The Fred Usher cup is a provincial team competition, that follows team elimination rules. Provinces, with a nominated team, face off, until there is one team left standing. Previous year’s winners can be seen below in Historical Results.

The Fred Usher cup is generally the first event to start the Target Championships, being held on the first day of competition following the opening ceremonies.

Canadian Open:

The Canadian Open is an individual elimination round, held on the last day of the Target Championships. All archers face off in their respective decisions, trying to avoid being eliminated, to be the last archer standing.

Previous year’s winners can be seen below in Historical Results.

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