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Canadian Outdoor Target Championships

July 20-24 2022, Charlottetown PEI

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Target archery is the most well known format of archery. Shot over various distances, depending on age and equipment, archers shoot at a traditional five-coloured, 10 ring target. Target archery can be shot both indoors and outdoors.

Archery Canada includes the following bow styles in target archery: Recurve, Compound (including unlimited and fixed pin), Barebow and Hunter.

Recurve Target Archery is included at the Olympic level, while Compound target archery can be seen at the Pan American Games, and World Championships. Barebow was added to World Archery events starting in 2020.

NOTICE: The 2021 Canadian Outdoor Archery Championships have been cancelled in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Championship schedule is as follows:

  • York and Charlottetown, PEI – July 2022
  • Cranbrook and Victoria BC – August 2023
  • Fredericton, New Brunswick, August 2024

Final Dates will be announced shortly.

2021 Canadian Target Championships

The 2021 Canadian Outdoor Target Championships have been cancelled in response to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and varying restrictions. Please see full release here:

Specific information on the Championship is available on the official website:

How to Register

All Archery Canada members in good standing can register for the Canadian Target Championships. To verify your membership is up to date, please reach out to your Provincial/Territorial Organization, or refer to the I@nseo membership system.

Registration is scheduled to open April 1st 2021. Information on how to register will be made available shortly.

Elimination Rounds

During the Canadian Target Championships, archers have a chance to participate in elimination rounds, one with a team, the other as an individual in the Championships.

Fred Usher Cup:

The Fred Usher Cup is undergoing a drastic change that moves it away from the current system utilizing a handicap system, and creating a team format that we expect to encourage a higher level and increased competitiveness. There is an additional registration fee for the Fred Usher with a Prize Payout schedule based on the fees collected. The new format is summarized below:

– 16 Team Format (with potential to increase)

– 1 team spot held for each PTSO:

– BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS, PE, YK – possible: NF, NWT

– Spot is reserved until one month prior to National Championships

– Remaining 6 spots are open on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis to be composed of individual teams, which may be predetermined at the time of registration or randomly assigned by the organizing committee. Participants will be able to identify their preference at the time of registration.

– All teams are composed of 3 archers and must include a minimum of 1 Recurve, and 1 Female archer from any age class

– Regardless of class or division, all will shoot from 50m. on a full 80cm target face, no handicaps, cumulative scoring.

– each team pays $200 to register or $70 per person

– 16 teams are put in 4 pools of 4 teams

– each pool shoots a round robin format (3 matches) – 2pts. For a win, 0 for a loss (no ties).

– top team from each pool goes into a semifinal grid, 1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3 – based on total score of 3 Round Robin Matches

– Match winners go into Gold/Silver final match, match losers go into Bronze final match.

– Total purse (based on 16 teams) is $3200 – 1st – $1500, 2nd – $900, 3rd – $600. Cash prizes to be awarded at the time of the medals

Canadian Open:

The Canadian Open is an individual elimination round, held on the last day of the Target Championships. All archers face off in their respective decisions, trying to avoid being eliminated, to be the last archer standing.

Previous year’s winners can be seen below in Historical Results.

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