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Outdoor Mailmatch

June 1 – September 30

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What is Outdoor Mailmatch?

Outdoor Mailmatch is a National Competition shot in the comfort of your own club! This competition takes place annually between June 1 and September 30. Due to the vast geography of our country, it can be difficult to attend all National competitions, but the desire to see where you stand against other Canadian Archers is still there. Mailmatch allows for this to happen without having to travel further than your local club. Each week an archer can submit one score, scores coming from a week running Monday to Sunday, and the average of your six top scores shot throughout the designated time period will be used to determine your final placing.

Vortex Canada sponsors the 2023 Outdoor MailMatch Season:

Archery Canada is excited to announce Vortex Canada as a sponsor for the 2023 Outdoor Mailmatch competition.

To learn more about Vortex Canada, please visit their website here:

Archer Information

Who can participate?

Any Archery Canada club or member can participate. Currently, there is only the option to compete as an individual archer in Outdoor Mailmatch. A team competition may be introduced, similar to indoor mailmatch, in the future.

How can I register?

Registration is available at this link –!/events/2023-outdoor-mailmatch

Once registered, archers should also ensure their clubs mailmatch coordinator is aware of their registration, as this individual will be responsible for submitting their scores.

If the club coordinator will be submitting registrants, please see “How do our clubs archers register?” Under the coordinator information below.

Archers can register anytime before July 15th, anytime after that, will result in a late fee applied to the club, to participate.

If you are your club’s coordinator, please review the information below and contact the Archery Canada Outdoor mailmatch Coordinator at

Are there any costs or deadlines?

It only costs $10.00 per archer (+credit card processing fee) to participate. Club Coordinators need to register all club participants to the Outdoor Mailmatch coordinator by July 15th.

What are the rules?

The rules below provide just a brief summary. For a full list of all the rules, please consult Archery Canada Rule Book 2.

Individual Archers:

1. Each Archer can submit (1) score per week for this event

2. Scorecards need to be signed by another Outdoor Mailmatch participant, or another Archery Canada Member

3. Scorecards need to be provided to your club’s coordinator to upload

4. Payment should be submitted along with the first score submission.

5. To contend for medals, each participant must submit a minimum of (6) scores

6. Participants must be Archery Canada members in good standing

How is the event scored?

Outdoor mailmatch collects scores from a 720 Round. A 720 round consists of 72 arrows, at the appropriate target size and distance based off the archers category:

Equipment Division

Target Size

Distance for Age Class

Senior & Juniors

Master & Cadets




122 cm Target Face

70 m

60 m

50 m

30 m


122 cm Target Face

50 m

50 m

40 m

30 m

Para Open Recurve

122 cm Target Face

70 m

60 m

50 m

30 m


80 cm Target Face

50 m

50 m

40 m

30 m

Para Open Compound

80 cm Target Face

50 m

50 m

40 m

30 m

Para W1 Compound

80 cm Target Face


50 m

40 m

30 m

Are there awards for performing well in Outdoor Mailmatch?

Live Results will be posted on the Archery Canada website all throughout the competition. The top 3 archers in each category will be awarded a medal for their achievement. Additionally, a Gold “Classification Winner” pin will be awarded to the top score within each Archery Classification, based on score and equipment:


Score Range

700 Club


Expert A


Expert B










All new competitors will be unclassified until the end of the competition period, where there score will then determine the section they are competing in. If you have a classification from a previous year, you will compete in that classification the following year.

An Archer can apply for reclassification, and must direct any applications to the Outdoor Mailmatch coordinator, who will act as the authority for the decision. 

Additionally, if an archer shoots two consecutive ends of three arrows in the 10 ring, or one end of six arrows in the ten ring, they can be awarded a Six-for-Sixty pins. These pins are available to purchase by the club(s), at $6.00 (shipping incl) per pin, following score verification. Pins may be ordered by the club coordinator by emailing 

Historical Results

Coordinator Information

Who can participate in Mailmatch?

Any Archery Canada affiliated club or members can participate in mailmatch.

How do our club’s archers register?

Your archers can register for 2023 Outdoor Mailmatch here –!/events/2023-outdoor-mailmatch

If archers are unable to pay by credit card, or the club has collected their registration fee’s, please contact Kylah Cawley at the Archery Canada office for payment options

What are the costs and/or deadlines?

The cost is  $10.00 per archer to participate (+Credit Card processing fees where applicable). Notification of participation needs to be sent to the Archery Canada mailmatch coordinators by July 15th latest. If notification of participation or the scores for the first 6 weeks are submitted to the Archery Canada Coordinators after July 15th, then a late fee of $25.00 will be added on top of the archers registration fees.

When do I need to have all scores submitted by?
  • Each Scoring week runs Monday – Sunday
  • First week scores can be submitted: June 2nd
  • Final Date for Notification of Participation/First Score Submission with no late fee: July 15th
  • Final Date to submit Scores: Oct. 12th
  • Scores to be finalized and posted week of October 18th

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do archers need to be a member before the sign up to participate?

All participants, especially those contending for a medal will need to be an Archery Canada member.

Participation can begin when the member renews or registers as a member with their local affiliated club or PTSO. If a participant does not become a member until half way through the Outdoor mailmatch season, any scores shot before their membership became active, cannot be used.

If the archer is registering through the online portal, and they are not a member, the system will prompt them to register with their local PTSO, before they complete their registration for mailmatch.

What if an archer misses submitting a score one week?

The final score used is the average of their top 6 scores. As long as they submit (6) scores, they will receive a final score and classification.

If an archer shoots multiple times in a week, do they simply submit their best score?

The club should arrange it so all participants are in, and shooting for mailmatch at the same time. They should only be shooting to obtain a mailmatch score once per week.

How is Mailmatch Officiated?

Score cards should be double scored, and/or witnessed by another outdoor mailmatch participant or Archery Canada registrant. This needs to be verified by the Club coordinator upon collection of the scores/scorecards. The mailmatch shoot will either need to be supervised by a local judge, or the Club’s Mailmatch Coordinator.

How do we submit the scores?

Once you notify the Archery Canada Outdoor Mailmatch coordinator of participation, they will send you all the items you will need for you archers and their scores. A online Google Sheet will be provided to you. Here you can input all the participating archers names, their categories and scores. These entries will be automatically inputted into the overall master score sheet, posted live on the Archery Canada website.

Can archers participate in more than one category?

Archers can shoot in as many equipment categories as they wish, but they will be required to pay the $10.00 registration fee per category they register.

How can I order pins?

Send an email to providing the score cards, number of pins needed, mailing address and a contact email. A member of Archery Canada will follow up on the request.

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