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Regional Indoor Championships

March 2-3rd 2024

2024 Results

The Regional Indoor Championship is a nationwide indoor archery championship hosted at local clubs that have registered a competition site with Archery Canada. The clubs will organize and host a single 18 M Indoor shoot, to be shot on the first full weekend in March, to determine the Canadian Indoor Champions across Canada.

2024 Results

Who Can Participate?

Any Archery Canada affiliated club can host a Regional Indoor Championship site by following the registration instructions below. 

Any Archery Canada member, in all Archery Canada recognized age classes and equipment divisions can participate. Please see chart below:


Equipment Category Age Categories
Compound All age classes, and Para Archery W1 and Open
Recurve All Age Classes, Para-archery W1, W2, ST
Barebow All Age Classes
Compound Unlimited Senior and Master Classes
Compound Fixed Pins Senior and Master Classes

The competition is open to Archery Canada members only. Non-members may compete but will not be shown on the results, and not be eligible for medals.

Want all of your participants to be eligible for medals? Contact the Archery Canada Communications and Safe Sport Coordinator to learn how they can become a member!

How can I register?

Clubs: To register a host site, you simply need to register the tournament and identify it as a Regional Indoor Championship site through I@nseo. Information on how to register tournaments through I@nseo can be found here, or please contact Archery Canada’s Program Manager.

Archers: To register to compete in the Regional Indoor Championships, you simply register with the host site you wish to compete at. The Host Clubs will set their own registration process and fees, therefore it is encouraged you reach out to your desired host site ahead of time. 

Are there any costs or deadlines?

Clubs have until seven (7) days before the start of the Regional Indoor Championships to register as a Host Site.

Host Sites will have fees payable to Archery Canada as follows:

Tournament Registration Fee:  $60.00 if the club requests registration with World Archery, $35 if just registered with Archery Canada

Club Fees per archer:

  • Youth archers (U21, U18, U15, U13): $5.00 per archer
  • Adult Archers (50+, 21+): $8.00 per archer
  • Teams: $15.00 per team

Archers may be subjected to a registration fee, that will be determined by the Host Club.

Archery Canada will invoice each club following submission of score sheets.

What are the rules?

Clubs are to hold (1) 18M Indoor round, can host one per day over the weekend if desired. Indoor 18M set up rules can be found here.

Individual Archer’s Rules:

  • Archers are eligible to register for the following Equipment Divisions:
    • Recurve
    • Compound
    • Barebow
    • Compound Unlimited
    • Compound Fixed Pins
  • All Archery Canada age classes apply
    • U9 events may be held at the individual host sites, but no results will be posted. Any awards for PeeWee archers will be the responsibility of the Host Club. PeeWee’s may also compete as Cubs. 
  • To be eligible to compete, participants must be an Archery Canada member in good standing. 

Team Rules

  1. The team must consist of three (3) members from the same club;
  2. Team members names and categories should be recorded on the results page;
  3. Teams must have the following composition:
  • One (1) Youth, Female or Para Archer
  • No more than one (1) Master or Senior Archer shooting in any of the following equipment categories:
    • Compound
    • Compound Unlimited
    • Compound Fixed Pins;
  1. All team members must be an Archery Canada member in good standing.
  2. Athletes on the same team must shoot their scores on the same day at the same site.

General Rules:

Rule APP 3.4  An athlete may register more than once at one or more Host Sites provided:
o Separate registration fees are paid for each registration;
o The athlete registers in a different equipment division each time;
o The athlete registers in the same age class each time;
o In the case of an athlete registering in the same equipment division more than once or in different age classes, his first score shot in a division or age class will count.

The Canadian Regional Indoor Championships Rules and Competition information is contained at Rule 4.1 and Appendix AC 3.4 (AC Championship Regulations Appendix) found in the Archery Canada Rule Book.

Regional Indoor Sites are NOT automatically registered with World Archery for World Records, if desired, the tournament organizer must register their site with Archery Canada.

The Host Club must register the Canadian Regional Indoor Regional Tournament with Archery Canada as a tournament registered for Canadian Records (Reg AC). As with regular tournament registrations, Regional Indoor sites will be subject to the Archery Canada registration fee. The Host Club may also register the tournament for World Records (Reg WA/AC) for an additional fee. In the dropdown menu select ‘National Championship’.

While it is hoped to use ianseo for the Regional Indoor at some point, we are not there yet, so Regional Indoor Coordinators will have to enter the results to both the Regional sheet and the ianseo program. Competitors will not be listed in the Archery Canada ranking system if they are not listed again in the Archery Canada Ianseo scoring program.

When completing the registration form the Host Club must ensure that in the Name field the first word of the name of the tournament is Regional Indoor Site, e.g. Regional Indoor Site Victoria Bowmen 18M. There is also a check box for the Regional Indoors

Are there awards for performing well in the Regional Indoor Championships?

This is a National Competition, therefore medals will be awarded to the top 3 archers in each respective category.

As this is being hosted at various clubs, nationwide, the following will be enforced to resolve any ties:

  • If there is a tie for first place, 2 (or as many as are tied) gold medals will be awarded and a bronze (if there are more than 3 tied, there will not be a bronze.
  • If there is a tie for second place, Gold, 2 (or as many as are tied) silver medals will be awarded and no bronze;
  • If there is a tie for 3rd place, Gold, Silver and 2 (or as many as are tied) bronze medals will be awarded

Once scores are finalized, Archery Canada will coordinate distribution of medals, to be sent to the host site coordinator, around the first week of April. 

Are there any forms or sheets I will need to run the Championship at my club?

Below are all the forms that should be used or referenced for these championships. If you have any questions, please contact the Regional Indoor Coordinator:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see results?

Final results will be posted on the Archery Canada website, and through the Archery Canada Social Media Channels.

Scores from the Regional Indoor will appear on the Ranking list if  the host site uses the I@nseo scoring module to records the scores, in addition to the required Google Scoresheet.

If I need to appeal a score, what is the process?

Appeals must be received, in writing, within one week of posting of the final results. The appeal should be made to the Chair of the Archery Canada Judging Committee. The Appeal panel will consist of the Archery Canada President or designate, the Chair of the Archery Canada Judging Committee, and a third designate, potentially a VP of the Archery Canada board, or a committee member of an appropriate committee. 

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