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Benefits of being registered with Archery Canada

Being a member of your Provincial or Territorial Archery Association and a registered participant of Archery Canada means you are actively supporting our mission to promote and develop the sport of archery for all participants, and leading Canadian competitive archery toward excellence.

Being an Archery Canada registrant is automatic for all archers, coaches and officials when you register with your clubs and Provincial/Territorial organization.

Your registration fees with your PTSO include a $25 fee that is directed to Archery Canada. From this fee $1/member is directed towards the Canadian Archery Foundation and $3/member is directed towards the support of high performance teams in 3D archery, Compound Target archery and Field archery.

Archery Canada is the Recognized Governing Body for Archery in Canada

Archery Canada is the only legitimate national sport governing body for Archery recognized, supported and funded by the Canadian government, via Heritage Canada / Sport Canada.

Archery Canada is a sport partner / member of the Canadian Olympic Committee and is the only national archery association recognized by and working with the Coaching Association of Canada, the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada, Athletes Can and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

What does Archery Canada do for you?

  • Promotes the sport of archery and all its related disciplines in Canada
  • Insurance: $5,000,000 coverage for individuals and eligible clubs: first-party coverage for public liability and property damage, personal liability, personal injury, medical payments, property damage, cross liability, non-owned automobile, limited watercraft coverage, worldwide coverage, and secondary coverage for hunting
  • Insurance: Provide Sport Accident insurance coverage for archery participants in club and sanctioned activities
  • Insurance: Provide insurance coverage for Directors and Officers for clubs of participating Provincial and Territorial Members
  • Develop programming and resources for coach & judge development across Canada
  • Develops and maintains the Archery Rule Book for Canadian archery based off the World Archery Rule Book
  • Organize various regional and national competitions in 3D Archery, Target Archery and Field Archery
  • Organize national events such as the Indoor and Outdoor Mailmatch allowing archers across Canada to rank against one another from their hometowns
  • Support archery development with Long Term Athlete Development Model and the CanBow program
  • Provide the tools to register competitions & recognize their results, maintain Canadian record scores for equipment types and distances.
  • Maintains a Canadian Ranking List of all archers
  • Represents World Archery in Canada for the recognition of national and world records
  • Promote safety by establishing minimum standards, club resources and recommended procedures for archery activities

For archers pursuing high performance, Archery Canada:

  • Leads the high performance philosophy for archery sports in Canada
  • Trains and supports competitive National Teams and providing access to the coaching, resources and support services they need to be the best.
  • Provides Professional Development opportunities for coaches and judges
  • Coordinates sport specific research
  • Obtains and directs government support to paralympic programs and activities benefiting archers across Canada
  • Develops and distributes fair selection processes to select Canadian Archers to represent Canada in international events, including the Olympic, Pan American and Commonwealth Games
  • Provides logistical support for all national teams

How are the Archery Canada participant fees used?

Archery Canada receives targeted funding for Recurve Target and Para Archery programs as well as for support of administration of the Federation, official languages and program development. Approximately 20% of Archery Canada’s revenues come from registrant fees. These are used to support operations of the federation, events, insurance fees, marketing and communications and non-Olympic programming.

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