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Beyond Archery in Schools Programs

Across Canada, thousands of students are annually introduced to the sport and activity of archery through programs that take place at their schools. One of the most popular programs is called the National Archery in Schools Program or NASP.  It is designed to give schools the necessary equipment and training they require in order to run a successful in-class curriculum archery program for grades 4-12.

The school program that your child has participated in has given them an introduction to this incredible sport. It is likely that they may not otherwise have tried archery, but now that they have they have caught the Archery Bug and are addicted. Unfortunately, the programs in the school may only last for a part of the year and your child may want to stay involved and learn to compete at more competitions or at a higher level.

The good news: there is likely an Archery Club near you, that offers classes for your child, or have coaching and range time available for your child to stay involved.

Your child may have learned on school equipment and does not own their own equipment yet. This may not be problem, as many clubs have equipment available for students in their classes. Don’t rush out to buy equipment until your child is ready and knows what they want. If you want to learn more about equipment read about this in our New to Archery section.

Keep your child active in this great sport. Contact a club in your area or contact your Provincial/Territorial Archery Organization from one of the links at the bottom of this page and ask how you can keep your child shooting arrows.

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