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Compound Target Selection Processes

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The High Performance Committee establishes selection criteria governing the composition and selection of teams that will represent Canada in international competition. The Team Selection Policy outlines a clear, fair and transparent process to select Compound Target athletes to represent Canada at international competitions. This policy is further supported by event specific addendum.

Archery Canada is committed to selecting those athletes to represent Canada, who are best qualified to support the strategic goals and objectives of Archery Canada’s high performance program. The goals and objectives of Archery Canada may change depending on the event for which selection takes place. Such Goals and Objectives are described in the Addendum related to a particular event and its selection of athletes to that event.

For information or questions related to the Compound team programs (events, selection etc.) please contact:

2022 Team Selection – Live Score Sheets:

Canadian Team Selection Policy - Compound Target Archery
2022 Compound Senior Team - Selection Addendum

The selection addendum for the 2022 Compound Senior team can be found below:

Selection Addendum's


Due to the effects of COVID-19, an announcement on the 2021 Compound Team Selection Process can be FOUND HERE. The addendum listed below, was the original proposed process, that is referenced in the announcement, but is now amended by the May 2020 announcement.

2022 Masters Pan Ams Championships Selection Addendum

2022 Masters Pan Am Championships Addendum.

Athlete Intent:

Masters Compound Athletes can submit their intent, by August 31st here:


Please see here for a list of archers in contention, and submitted scores:

Note: Submitted Scores do need to be entered manually by Archery Canada staff. If scores do not show within 24-48 hours of submission, please contact Kylah Cawley at

Major Games Quota and Qualification Procedures
Internal Nomination Procedures for Major Games

Internal Nomination Procedures for Major Games will be posted here when available.

Canadian Anti-Doping Program

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