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The Archery Canada (AC) Ranking List is an annual list that ranks Canadian archers that compete in Archery Canada and World Archery registered recurve target archery events.

Archers are divided into five “squads” (Gold, Red, Blue, Black and “minimum 5 scores not reached”) based on the total of archers’ 5 highest scores.  “Performance points” are awarded for final placings in events using a formula that uses event quality and quantity of competitors as well as the archer’s final placing.  The squad levels are set in January of each year.  The squad levels are based on actual world level scores as follows:

  • Gold – top 32
  • Red – top 64
  • Blue – 95% of red
  • Black – 0 to blue level
  • Minimum 5 scores not reached

The ranking list is occasionally used for selection to some teams, camps and other Archery Canada programs.

Scores for archers who compete in Archery Canada or World Archery events are automatically entered by the AC office into the database.  Scores from Canadian events are automatically used by the ranking list as soon as organizers enter scores into the Archery Canada Scoring Program.

Outdoor Target Ranking Lists (links to the IANSEO Lists)

How does the Archery Canada ranking list work?

The Archery Canada Ranking List is an annual list and has no carry over from year to year. To understand the Ranking list, please refer to the current Archery Canada Able-Bodied Ranking List Process.

2019 Archery Canada Able-Bodied Ranking Process

Historical AC Ranking List information

Archery Canada maintains the historical documents of its ranking list processes and lists. These are available for your review below:




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