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Participation in the Online Cup of the Americas

August 11, 2020
Participation in the Online Cup of the Americas

Archery Canada is excited to open up participation to registered Canadian Archers in the Online Cup of the Americas, the World Archery America’s (WAA) newest initiative. This event will be open to all Canadian Archers under the following categories:

  • Recurve Women 
  • Recurve Men 
  • Compound Women 
  • Compound Men 
  • Recurve Men Open (Para) 
  • Recurve Women Open (Para) 
  • Compound Men Open (Para) 
  • Compound Women Open (Para) 
  • W1 – Men and Women together (Para) 

This Online Cup will take place from August to November, with Qualifications in the month of August. The complete schedule for Canadian archers is as follows:

August 7 – August 31 Qualification Round at National Level
September 1-5 WAA Results compilation and tie-solving
September 1-15 Coordination with top eight archers in each category
September 16 – October 12 Elimination and Finals – Compound Categories including Para
October 13 – November 12 Elimination and Finals – Recurve Categories including Para

Separate results of the Qualification Round may be submitted to Archery Canada in barebow, instinctive and longbow, which will be submitted to WAA. For these bow types, medals will be awarded to the top three archers in the overall list of Qualification Round results. World Archery Americas will unfortunately not be able to include these categories in the elimination and finals matches this time.

Registration Link

Specific Instructions on How to Participate
Distance and target faces 

The competition will be held at 18 meters. The qualification round at national level can be shot at either vertical or triangular faces.

For all stages of the competition:

  • compound categories use the 2 cm ten-point ring. 
  • recurve categories use the 4 cm ten-point ring
  • other types of bow that take part in the event, use the same ten-point ring as the recurve categories. The same holds for the W1 para event (4cm). 

Qualification Round and matches may be shot either indoors or outdoors. 

Arrow Size 

For all stages of the competition, WAA has set the rule that arrows larger in diameter than the 2013 cannot be used (maximum diameter: 7.95 mm). 

Qualification Round 

The qualification round shall include 60 arrows shot in ends of three or six arrows. 

Canadian Archers must register their shoot in advance by submitting application here. There is no fee to register in this event. Archers may only shoot one qualification round to participate.

All registered archers will receive a confirmation email with a link to a drop box folder and a link to submit their score. The submitted results must include the total number of 10s and 9s shot by each archer.

Shooting venues can include locations for just one archer or for a group, provided that the Covid Return to Sport protocols for their area are complied with. 

All archers registered to shoot must follow standard WA tournament procedures and in the presence of a third party, (Judge, NCCP Certified Coach, fellow archer) while adhering to physical distancing.

Target faces used must be a WA approved target face and must be a clean target at the start of the shoot.

After each end, a photo of the target must be taken showing the result with the score card visible for that end, such that the photo can be matched with the result if necessary.


At the completion of the qualification round, all photos and a scan/photo of the completed and witnessed score card must be uploaded to the archer’s dropbox folder.

All results must be submitted to Archery Canada by August 30 at 5:00 EST.

The results of the qualification events at national level will be sent to WAA by August 31. 

Elimination and Finals Rounds 
  • To compete in the elimination round, WAA will identify the top 8 archers in the qualification round, taking only two per country. 
  • If there is a tie for positions from 1 to 8, the number of tens and nines will be considered first, and in case the tie persists, a draw will be publicly made within the first five days of September. 
  • Once the draw is made and the top 8 positions have been determined, the names of the 8 qualified archers will be announced and the elimination schedule will be coordinated. 

These 8 archers must be ready to meet the technological requirements. If one (or more) of the top 8 archers cannot guarantee the technological conditions, they will be replaced with the next archer on the qualification round list. A list of the technological requirements will be released as soon as ready. 

In the para categories, the top four archers in the Qualification Round (maximum two per country) will qualify directly to the semifinals. In these categories, competition will start in the semifinals only if more than 6 archers shot the Qualification Round; otherwise only two archers will qualify directly to the gold medal match. 

The compound elimination and finals rounds will consist of 15 arrow matches. The winner of a match will be the archer with the highest total. In case of a tie at the end of the 15 arrows, the match will be decided on a single closest-to-the-center arrow. 

The recurve elimination and finals rounds will be shot using the set system. Each set will consist of three arrows. The archer who first reaches 6 set points will win the match. In case of a tie at 5 set points, the winner will be decided on a single closest-to-the-center arrow. 

Each elimination match will be monitored online by three judges, assigned by WAA, who will decide on the value of questionable arrows. It may be necessary for the archers or whoever is assisting them to send a WhatsApp photo of the arrow from two opposing angles so that the judges can make their call immediately. (This must be discussed in consideration of technological feasibility). 

Quarter final, semifinal and medal matches will be held. Medals will be awarded to the top three archers. The medals will be presented on the first possible occasion.

Scoring at 18m

This is to clarify scoring procedures when multiple faces are used at 18 meters. When three faces are used, there can be only one arrow in each face.  Three possible violations can occur, and they should be handled as follows:

  1. More than one arrow in one face.  For instance:  one arrow in the upper face (10 points), two arrows in the middle face (9 and 8 points), and no arrow in the lower face.  There is a rule violation in the middle face.  The arrow in the 9 ring (highest scoring arrow in this face) becomes a miss, but counts as part of the end.  The score should be:  10, 8, M.   This violation is handled considering only the arrows in the face where there are more than one.  The highest scoring arrow of the whole end is not affected if it is in another face.
  2. More than three arrows shot in one end.  If the four arrow situation includes a mistake like the one explained in item 1 above, plus an arrow in the lower face (9 points, for instance), you must proceed as follows.  First of all you take care of the two arrows in the middle face: the 9 becomes a miss, but it is still an arrow with a value (M).  So you have 10, 9, 8, M.  You will score the three lower values:  9, 8, M.
  3. If you are shooting with time control (not always possible when archers shoot from their backyards), an arrow shot out of time is also a violation.  In this case, you will enter the three values and deduct the highest scoring arrow for the end.
Archery Canada Awards

All Canadian archers will be eligible to enter into the Elimination and Finals rounds of WAA. However, in each of the official categories in which there are a minimum of five (5) archers registered, the top Canadian archer based on results submitted as of 5:00 pm EST on August 30, will be awarded a Petro Canada Gift card valued at $100.