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Prince George hosts a TOP Camp for recurve and compound archers

October 06, 2022
Prince George hosts a TOP Camp for recurve and compound archers

PRINCE GEORGE, BC – The second TOP camp of the season was hosted in Prince George, BC, this past weekend. The camp, which was hosted by Silvertip Archers, brought together young recurve, compound, and barebow athletes. Rick Scammell and Stu Murray led the compound side; Shawn Riggs and Soha Mahmoud provided direction for the recurve archers as well as the barebow archers that attended. A total of 36 participants attended the camp over the weekend, with the attendees being a mix of coaches and athletes.

Shawn Riggs, National Recurve Coach, commented that the camp was a great opportunity to see lots of athletes. “From our standpoint, it was great to see athletes from both BC and Alberta. The athletes spanned a wide range of abilities but were all keen to implement improvements in their shooting. The coaches were quite engaged during both the time on the range and that was spent in the classroom sessions. Rick Scammell delivered content that was well received by the compound athletes and the hosts’ organization was also quite good.”

Stu Murray was happy to see that over 40% of the participants were women and that over half of them were compound-focused; the camp leaders worked alongside the attending coaches to help the athletes refine their form and common equipment issues. He added that “integrating the biomechanics presented by Soha was very valuable for this group. The group enthusiasm was infectious, and we hope that we can include compound programming in future TOP camps.”

The TOP camp program is intended to provide up and coming archery athletes with the tools and techniques needed in the transition process into national and international competition. They are designed to include coach specific seminars, and provide an opportunity for local coaches to observe and participate in the camp. Any provincial or territorial associations who are interested in hosting a TOP camp can reach out to Archery Canada any time during the year.


PTSOs that are interested in hosting a camp or have any questions should contact:

Kylah Cawley, Program Manager

(613) 260-2113 ext. 1