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Archery Day Canada

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Each year Archery Canada will be celebrating the sport of Archery during Archery Day in Canada!  From childhood to adulthood, as a sport and a theme in popular movies and books, Archery is a source of fascination and excitement. Archery requires skills of precision, control, focus, repetition and determination. It is available to be practiced by all, no matter age, gender or ability, and is a widespread pastime in Canada and around the world.

Each year Archery Canada will continue to promote Archery Day Canada on the third Saturday in September.

Club Resources

Archery Day Poster v3

How to run an Try it Day

This resource has been prepared to help you run a successful event. Feel free to download and use these ideas. Send us your own so we can make the resource better.

Archery Day Media Kit

Get your club out in front of your local media and follow these great tips on developing your story!

Download our social media graphics and use them to promote the sport or to promote a try archery day at your club.

How to Observe

Organize an event at your club on the day of, share your passion with photos or just promote the day for your friends. Get the word out. Archery is a great sport or activity!

Here are some suggested social tweets you can use:

Want to get involved on Archery Day in Canada? Invite people out to your club on Sept 16th, 2023! What better way to celebrate than to open your club and let people give archery a try for the first time! Who knows, maybe it’ll be love at first arrow! Make sure to tag @ArcheryCanada and use the hashtag #ArcheryDayCanada and we’ll give it a share!

Want to be part of the Archery Day in Canada celebrations? Have your club fill out the Archery Day Canada “Try Archery” poster to let people know that they can give archery a shot on September 16th, 2023! Make sure to tag @ArcheryCanada and use the hashtag #ArcheryDayCanada and we’ll give it a share!

Have an amazing archery story you want to tell? Let your local media outlets involved! Archery Canada has released a how-to guide on getting the media’s attention to promote the sport of archery!

Know someone that wants to try archery? Sept 16th would be the perfect day to do it! Go down to your local club and ask them to join in on the Archery Day in Canada festivities! Tag your club to let them know! #ArcheryDayCanada

Here are some more great ways you can celebrate the day on social media:

  • Create an event page on Facebook for your Try Archery Day and tag @archerycanda. We will share your event on social media feed to help promote your club’s love for archery!
  • Show everyone why archery is your favorite sport. Find your best photo or post a video to celebrate archery on Archery Day in Canada, Saturday, Sept 16th! #ArcheryDayCanada
  • Encourage your club members and challenge them too!
  • Help us celebrate Archery Day in Canada and come support a try archery day at our club on Saturday, September 16th, 2023! #tryarchery, #ArcheryDayCanada

Feed your need for excitement and get addicted to archery at an archery club near you!

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Archery Canada is the national sport governing body for Archery in Canada, including all aspects of High-Performance (recurve and compound), 3D, and Field archery as well as those new to archery. Among its responsibilities, the association selects and prepares Canada’s teams that participate in international competitions including Continental Championships, World Championships and major multi-sport Games (ie. Olympic Games).

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