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The CanBow Skills Program is a tool used by many clubs across Canada to encourage novice archers as they develop their target archery skills. The Program was developed to provide archers with the necessary skills to progress in the sport, and to be the entry pathway for young archers as they develop skills and techniques of shooting a bow.

The Program teaches the fundamentals of archery, the equipment used, safety, sport etiquette, responsibility, accomplishment, and physical activity. These skills are vital to ensure a safe sport that can be enjoyed by all. It also contributes to safe practices that can extend beyond the range, as many Canadian archery club members are bowhunting enthusiasts.

This four-level program provides a structured activity that teaches young people the value of learning, sharing experiences with others and developing life skills. The CanBow program is an integral component in AC’s Long Term Athlete Development Model (see AC’s website to view this document).

Whether run indoors, outdoors, for target archery or 3D, CanBow provides young people with educational and competitive experiences in a safe environment.

CanBow stresses learning.  Each of the four levels includes a knowledge component. The topics become increasingly sophisticated as the archer’s skill progresses.

Knowledge topics include safety rules, equipment terminology, warm-up exercises, basic form, physiology, psychology and tournament preparation, and much more.

  • Level 1:
    Basic Form and Safety
    (4 badge progressions)
  • Level 2:
    Competency and Basic Equipment Knowledge (4 badge progressions)
  • Level 3:
    Increased Skill and Physiology (5 badge progressions)
  • Level 4:
    National Skill Level and Tournament Preparation (13 badge progressions)

The program is available for purchase from Archery Canada. The available resources include:

  • A guidebook including information on how to safely run the instructional program as well as an illustrated outline of the 10 steps to good shooting and a condensed Archery Canada Rules book
  • A wall display chart to display the badges
  • Four levels of badges and national certificates
  • Individual report cards to keep track of each archer’s progress through the program

For more information contact the Archery Canada office. Materials will soon be available on our online store.

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