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Range Safety Officer

In accordance with the Archery Canada Operational Plan, all clubs must include the name of at least two qualified Range Safety Officers or club-level judges in order to receive liability insurance

How to Become a Range Safety Officer:

  1. Ensure your Archery Canada membership is up to date.
  2. Read the enclosed safety officer guidebook below
  3. Answer the online exam questions : Range Safety Officer Online Exam
  4. Candidates need 90% to pass. You can edit your answers online until you have successfully reached 90%. Archery Canada will email you a letter confirming you have passed the exam and that you are officially a certified Range Safety Officer.

For any questions, please email

Range Safety Manual

The manual below should be understood and adhered to for safe range use in all clubs and tournaments.

Current Range Safety Officer Manual v2020

List of Range Safety Officers

The following is the list of Archery Canada Range Safety Officers:

Range Safety Officer Listing