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With the Covid Pandemic throughout 2020, and the subsequent reductions in events and archery activities, Archery Canada launched a series of webinars to take place between September and December. These webinars have been planned to facilitate the development of archers and clubs across Canada. Find out more about the webinars and access the presentation files below.

ASA in Canada: What Clubs and Archers Should Know

ASA in Canada: What Clubs and Archers should know

An overview of ASA, Club shoots and what club and participants should expect when hosting or attending as ASA Shoot.

Moderated by Aaron Bull, Archery Canada VP-3D

Panelist: Carl Jones -Porcupine Hollow Archery Club (Ontario), and Nolan Johnson – Broken Arrow Archery Club (Saskatchewan)

Date and Time: Sunday Nov. 29th @ 1:00 pm EST

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Practice Tips to Kick off Your Indoor Season

Indoor Shooting tips with Erin McGladdery

Sunday November 15th @ 1:00PM EST

Gain practical advice on how to keep up your skills while being constrained due to COVID-19 restrictions this fall. Erin McGladdery, one of Canada’s top pro-archers, will present technical tips on shooting indoors, whether at the range or at home, to help you be ready for the season ahead.

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Para Archery in Canada - Nov 8

Para Archery in Canada

November 8th, 1:00 EST

Archery is a highly adaptable sport accessible to all. This webinar will provide an introduction to the CDN Para program, the people involved, with guidance on key considerations for working with and delivering programming for athletes with a disability. Any archer can apply to be classified through Archery Canada or may be able to be evaluated through a temporary process through your provincial archery association. A classification does not necessarily make an athlete eligible to compete in a Para Archery division, but may make them eligible to compete with an assistive device, in an eligible category to become familiar with the restrictions or assistance that category would bring. This is an opportunity to learn more about this sport which was one of the original sports at the inaugural Paralympic Games in 1960.

This webinar will be led by Archery Canada Para Coordinator, Ryan Van Berkel along with Duncan Crawford, National Para Archery Head Coach and  Nancy Littke , Archery Canada Classification Coordinator.

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Girls and Women in Archery - Nov 3

This webinar, moderated by Vanessa Wallace of Canadian Women & Sport, features panelists Vanessa Lee, Former National Team Athlete, Dr. Vicki Harber of the Canadian Sport for Life and Kathleen Millar a longtime chartered Professional Archery Coach and owner of South Nation Archery Club!

This one-hour panel discussion, covers various topics such as barriers in the sport of archery, development of female archers, the female archer experience, and what to consider when coaching female archers.

Following the webinar, all registrants will receive a code to complete the Respect Groups “Keeping Girls in Sport Module” for free. This is program designed to help coaches and activity leaders to create sport environments that help girls stay enrolled and engaged in sport and physical activity.

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Operating Your Club in a COVID-19 Environment - Oct 17

Moderator: Steve Indig (Sport Law & Strategy Group)

Panelists: Pierre Ferland (QC), Curt Smecher (BC), Janice Clark (ON), Linda Price (BC)

Moderated by Sport Law and Strategy Group, with a panel of Indoor Archery Club owners/operators discussing some practical advice and lessons learned in operating a club in a COVID world. Receive practical advice on what steps can be taken to operate your clubs during these difficult times, while at the same time delivering a message on the key things that sport clubs need to consider to provide a safe sporting environment.

Presentation Slides: Operating Your Indoor Club – Covid


Managing your team during COVID-19: Methods and Practices of the Recurve National Team

Presenters: Shawn Riggs – Recurve National Team Coach, Alan Brahmst – High Performance Advisor, Chris Lindsay – Own the Podium High Performance Advisor

As the sports world has ground to a halt with COVID-19, our organization, domestic athletes, and international athletes have had to quickly adapt to new training environments, while continuing to work towards high competitive goals. This virtual workshop session will discuss how the National Recurve Team has adapted their training environment in these times with focus on athlete monitoring, reporting and tools to help your athletes train in a virtual environment. This session will provide a delivery of content and allow for engaged discussion and Q&A. 

Topics for discussion included:

  • At home Strength and Conditioning
  • Athlete monitoring
  • Virtual DTE – Tools for mental health and performance.
  • Athlete reporting structure

World Archery competitions by the numbers

  • Youth participation at international events
  • World Cup / World Championships athlete demographics
  • Archery Canada PRT – Current State, Future Evaluation

Presentation Slides are available upon request

Gap Analysis: What it is, and how you can apply it

Hosted by: Shawn Riggs & Alan Brahmst

Guest Speaker: Kyle Paquette, PhD, Mental Performance Consultant

The webinar will be focused on the structure, components and application of gap analysis tools central to athlete development as well as mental performance strategies. We will also explain a gap analysis in the context of the broader system piece and discuss how this concept can be applied in your coaching environment to guide Yearly Training & Performance Plans.

Presentation Slides are available upon request

Strength and Conditioning for Archers and Team Rounds

Hosted by: Canadian National Team Strength and Conditioning Coach Kiri Langford
(MSc. CSCS, S&C Coach CSIO) and Shawn Riggs

Kiri will be discussing an archery centered approach to Strength and Conditioning for archers.

Presentation Slides are available upon request

Interpodia Club Portals: The Basics

Hosted by: Phil Mowatt, CEO of Interpodia and Kylah Cawley

Phil will be discussing how Interpodia Club Portals can be used by clubs to make administration easier.

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