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Recurve athletes shoot at 2022 Buckeye Classic

July 31, 2022
Recurve athletes shoot at 2022 Buckeye Classic

DUBLIN, OH – The Buckeye Classic had some great Canadian performances, from both our National and Development squads. In the recurve senior men category, Crispin Duenas, Devaang Gupta, and Andrew Smollett came 7th, 8th, and 9th, respectively. Reece Wilson-Poyton came in 21st, while Dawson Oderkirk finished 37th to round out the group. In the recurve U21 men’s division, Ben Lee came in second, after a strong first half. His teammate Jules Chouinard came 10th in the group, with Matthew Thomas and Dylan Villanueva coming 18th and 20th. Ryan Mahoney rounded out this group with a finish in 31st place. Natalee Chan was the highest Canadian finisher in the recurve U21 women’s division, with an 11th place seeding. Amelia Gagne was only two places behind in 13th, while Charlise Corona earned the 19th spot. Brianna DeZeeuw placed 22nd in the division. In the U18 men’s division, Geon (Joseph) Kim landed 48th and was the only Canadian in his category. In the similar women’s category, Janna Hawash earned the 11th spot and Audrey Khan Arevalo shot a score landing her in the 22nd place.

In the elimination round, Oderkirk tied one end but lost his first match at the conclusion. Wilson-Poyton won his match conclusively with a final score of 7-1, and then won his second match with 7 points over his opponent’s 3 points. He was then unable to advance past the 1/8th round, losing 6-2. Duenas won his match against an archer from Missouri with a score of 6-0, and then carried on to win his second match 6-3. Unfortunately, he was not able to advance past the 1/8th round where he lost against Matthew Nofel of Colorado. Smollett won his first round 6-0, also winning his second match with that score. Gupta also won his first match in a decisive manner with a score of 6-0. He carried on his successful shooting with a second match score of 6-0. Gupta and Smollett then met in the ⅛ round, with Gupta coming out on top with a score of 6-0. The only Canadian to advance this far in the competition, he tied the first three ends of his quarterfinal match, and then continued to shoot strong to win the match. This advanced him to the semifinals, where he faced Jackson Mirich and had to go to a tiebreaker as both archers had 5 set points by the end. Unfortunately, he did not win the tough tiebreaker, but it meant that he was able to advance to the bronze medal match. Gupta shot well in the bronze medal match, however, he came up short in the end, with the final score 6-4 in favour of Jack Williams.

All the Canadians in the U21 men’s category (Lee, Mahoney, Thomas, Chouinard and Villanueva) all received a bye to the 1/16th round. Villanueva lost his first match 7-1, while Chouinard emerged decisively victorious in his match. Because of illness, Lee was unable to compete, so Mahoney automatically won their matchup. Thomas lost his first match, not advancing further. Chouinard and Mahoney continued their strong shooting, both of them moving on from their second match onto the quarterfinals. They came face to face in the next match; Chouinard was the winner in the end. Unfortunately, he was unable to overcome his opponent in the semifinal match, so moved onto the bronze medal match. Even though he then lost the next match, Chouinard finished the tournament in fourth place. 

Gagne unfortunately lost her first match in the U21 women’s division, with an incredibly close score of 5-6. Corona also lost her first match. Chan and DeZeeuw faced off in their first match; while it was a close match of 6-4, Chan emerged the winner and moved on in the competition. She was then unable to win her next match, dropping it with a score of 4-6. 

In the recurve U18 men’s category, Kim was unfortunately unable to win his match. Both Hawash and Khan Arevalo were able to advance past their first match in the U18 women’s division. The two of them faced off and Khan Arevalo moved on, unfortunately then losing her next match. 

Shawn Riggs, one of the coaches attending with the athletes, summarized the competition. “Jules Chouinard had a good day, finishing fourth overall; he was our top performer. Unfortunately, Ben was out with illness and wasn’t able to compete. Jules beat Ryan Mahoney from QC in the quarters, before moving onto the semis where he had a close match, losing to the eventual winner. He wasn’t able to win the bronze medal match, but we’re quite happy with his finish. Audrey Khan Arevalo won two matches and we had a number of archers win one match, so it’s a little lower performance than we’d expect, but certainly nice to see them win one match. On the senior men’s side, qualifications went quite well. Andrew Smollett tied his personal best, Devaang Gupta shot well and at the end of the day we had three men qualify in the top 10, including Crispin Duenas. Our three men qualified in consecutive order. At times, they were all mixed up, so it was fun to watch yesterday. Conditions were really good, and no reason not to have high scores which led to Andrew Smollett’s high score.” 

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