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Canadian Archery Foundation

Book of Remembrance
PURPOSE: To support archery activities in Canada which promote participation in international competition. We aim to support Canadian archery clubs, organizations or projects that contribute to this purpose.


The Canadian Archery Foundation, established in August 2009, is an arm’s length organization designed to be operated external to Archery Canada with a mandate to support Canadian archery. The Foundation Fund is managed by the Canadian Olympic Foundation.

Our Target

The Fund has seen annual contributions through an allocation of $1 per registered participant per year from annual fees received by Archery Canada, through the generosity of individual donors and from in memorium legacy donations. The target was set for the fund to reach a minimum of $200,000 prior to the start of disbursements.

Our Giving

Once the fund has reached maturity, Canadian registered archers, coaches and officials along with Canadian registered clubs or organizations may apply for funds through the identified scholarship opportunities. As of August 2019, the Foundation has come close to reaching its maturity and will soon identify the scholarships/bursaries that will be available for application.

Currently, the Foundation administers the annual WW Gunter Memorial Bursary.

The WW Gunter Memorial Bursary: Call for 2020 Applications


Canadian Archery Foundation Coin

An in memoriam donation is a thoughtful way to keep someone’s memory alive while continuing
to support the cause they cherished in life. As well, each donation will be used to build the sport
of archery.

In recognition of all contributions of $125 or more, the Canadian Archery Foundation will ship the donor the collectible Foundation Coin as a token of our appreciation.

In Memorium - Book of Remembrance

At the time the Foundation was started, and to encourage the building of the Foundation, it was felt that Archery Canada needed a way for members to express their condolences and recognition of members who have made significant contributions to archery in Canada. The Book of Remembrance is maintained annually to remember the many great members of the community in whose memory donations have been made to build the Foundation and leave a legacy in a sport for which they had a passion.


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We invite you to join the supportive community who will help Canada become a strong archery nation!  With your support, we’ll be able to improve Canadian Archery programs and lead Canadian archery toward excellence.

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