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IANSEO Membership Database Instructions

I@nseo is the Archery Canada membership and tournament registration page. This integrated system allows for member clubs, Provinces and Territories to input all related information in one database. This system allows clubs to manage and renew their members with Archery Canada, as well as register tournaments and upload scores direct into the Archery Canada ranking database.

If you are new to I@nseo, please see the relevant sections below, for an overview on how to use the system.

I@nseo Membership Database:

How do I access I@nseo?

The database is accessed online via the ianseo system at:

Club lists, archer lists, and the ranking list is all public, and does not require a login to view. All personal information is not available in the public view, and can only be seen by the specific registrant, their club administrator, provincial administrator, and Archery Canada.

If an archer wants to login to access their account, they should check with the club or provincial administrator (see below), for their login. If unavailable, please contact the Archery Canada Program Coordinator.


Can I see if my membership is current?

This can be done without using a login for the database. Once you load the database, simply navigate to the Archers tab, and “search archer”. If you know your Archery Canada number, you can search using this, otherwise you can search by name.

Once the result list loads, select your name, and it will load a profile page:

If your membership is up to date, the Registered until section, will show December 31st of the current year. If it is not up to date, please check with your club or Provincial Body for the status of your renewal.

Can I purchase a membership through I@nseo?

Memberships cannot be purchased through I@nseo. If you would like to become an Archery Canada member, you can obtain an Archery Canada membership through an affiliated club, or your Provincial/Territorial Association.

The membership coordinator at your club or Province will then add you to the membership system, once your registration is complete.

To protect the archers personal information, only administrators with an assigned Privilege level in I@nseo can create or edit memberships in the system.

I am already a member, can I print a membership card?

Many Provincial or Territorial Associations will print these and mail once your membership is received or renewed in the system.

If you’d like to print another, you will need to login to your account.

Once logged in, go to your archer profile page, and you will see 2 icons in the top right hand corner:

Both icons will allow you to print your membership card. THe first icon, will print multiples one one page, the pdf will only print one.

If you want your picture to appear on the card, you will need to upload one to the system. If your club and Provincial Body has uploaded logos to the system, these will automatically populate on your membership card.

Provincial or Territorial Membership Chairs

If you have questions about your membership, please contact your Provincial or Territorial membership chair below:

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