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Interpodia Membership Program:

Archery Canada is using Interpodia to register their members for the 2022 season. This page contains how-to guides to help PTSOs manage their pages/memberships. To access the Onboarding Guide with more information about the system and pricing, click the link below.

Interpodia Onboarding Guide

How to Register in Interpodia

Register in Interpodia to become a member with Archery Canada and your Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization.

How to Register in Interpodia

How to Register in Interpodia: Admin Transaction

Registering for a membership can be done by the individual, but if need be, the administrator of the organization can put the registration through the system.

How to Register – Admin Transaction

How to Bulk Upload Members

Bulk upload means inputting multiple individuals into the Interpodia membership system at once.

How to Bulk Upload Members

How to Update the Attribute Completion Dates

Technical memberships with Archery Canada and PTSOs require certification. Interpodia allows organizations to track members’ certifications and update their completion dates.

How to Update Attribute Dates

How to Register Events in Interpodia

Interpodia can be used to set up and monitor event, class, and competition registration.

How to Register an Event in Interpodia