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Steven’s Backyard Archery Range

January 28, 2022
Steven’s Backyard Archery Range

HALIFAX, NS – Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, archers across Canada have been adapting to the ever-changing circumstances surrounding facilities.

Steve Murgatroyd, a previous competitor at the Invictus Games in archery, was built a greenhouse archery range by his wife Jessica, who runs The Veteran Farm Project. The range was built so that Steve can continue to practice through the pandemic and can be used in all seasons, thanks to a couple heaters.  This particular Hoophouse style was chosen because it meets current range safety standards (3 meter height over 35 meter distance).

“I am an incredibly lucky guy,” says Mr. Murgatroyd. “We were pricing out renting the local field house but the cost was unsustainable. Jessica came up with this idea and it’s amazing even in colder weather! It’s a range in winter and a grow house in summer for our farm, nothing wasted.”

Mr. Murgatroyd is practicing under the coaching of Duncan Crawford, Head Coach of the Paralympic team. Steve will also be filling the role of coach himself for Team Canada at the 2022 edition of the Invictus Games, set to take place at the Hague in April 2022.

IMPORTANT: Remember to consult local bylaws and archery range safety guidelines whenever you seek to set up on your property.