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William George (Bill) Carnes

Long time archer with a talent for comebacks

Bill dominated archery in British Columbia from 1950 to 1966 and beyond. Many times Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Pacific Northwest and Canadian Champion, his legacy lives on.

Bill began is archery career in 1950 with the club that later became the Victoria Bowmen, within 2 years he was shooting scores among the best in the city, and by 1953, he was the club champion, the beginning of long string of victories and records. Bill was in the running for all Canadian, BC and Vancouver Island titles until his ‘retirement’ in 1960. He then came back in 1964 when he came back winning a number of events until the late ’60s.

Bill was also a great organizer lending his talents to the Victoria Bowmen as a Board member and President for many years. He organized many tournaments and helped find different homes for the club as circumstances for properties changed. A wonderful man with a wicked sense of humour, who kept up with happenings in the club until his passing in 2016. After his passing his legacy lives on with a booklet produced by him and his son for the club and displayed on their website.


William George (Bill) Carnes

1920 ~ 2016

Donor: The Carnes Family