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Monty Van Der Westhuizen

Short Biography: 

I emigrated to Canada in 2009 with my family from South Africa. My wife Ilse and I are the proud parents of 18 year old triplets. I am a medical doctor by profession and share a medical clinic with seven other physicians. I have been shooting the longbow competitively for 6 years and love it for its simplicity. My other passion besides 3D archery is rugby, a sport that I played for 30 years. On the social side I love to enjoy a good wine with friends.

Your Biggest Accomplishment:

Team Canada 2019

Hobbies outside of sport:

Oil Painting

Internationals Results:

29th Place, Robion 2017 3D Archery World Championships

31st Place, Terni 2015 3D Archery World Championships

More about Monty:


Medicine Hat, Alberta

Birthplace, Province:

South Africa

National Team:

3D Archery National Team

Club (Primary Training Centre):

Medicine Hat Archery Club

Type of Bow: